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Feeding Bottles: Baby Milk Bottles

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Baby feeding bottles

Your new born baby’s primary source of nutrition is breast milk or formula. Feeding bottles allow your baby to satiate her hunger, no matter where the two of you are. These baby bottles are especially handy when you’re outdoors and may not be able to suckle your baby. You can slip a bottle into your child’s mouth to ensure that she doesn’t go hungry. Mothercare offers baby feeding bottles in various styles. Pick one that works for your baby.

Functional baby feeding bottles

Every child’s needs are unique. We at Mothercare understand this and offer baby feeding bottles in different styles. Our standard and narrow neck bottles are ideal for babies that like to latch on to the entire nipple while feeding. Whereas, our wide neck feeding bottles are better suited to babies that have a wider latch. By getting a baby bottle your child likes, she’ll feel comfortable holding it and drinking from it. When feeding your baby, always keep a flannel towel or muslins handy to clean her mouth. To ensure that your child always enjoys warm milk, purchase a baby milk bottle warmer. These are compact and lightweight for easy portability.

Safe baby bottles

We understand that your baby is at a vulnerable age. That’s why we take extra precautions to see that our baby products aren’t made of any toxic or harmful materials. Our kid's milk bottles are BPA-free and are safe for your baby to use. They are in-built with a special tube and valve system that reduces the quantity of air swallowed by your child. This prevents your child from developing colic. Our baby feeding bottles also feature an ergonomic design to make them easy to hold. To keep bottles clean, invest in a bottle sterilizer that’s compact so that you can carry it with you wherever you and your baby go. When not feeding your baby, help them relax with soothers and pacifiers. This will make them feel like they are sucking on a teat and will help them feel safe and comforted.

Assorted nursing essentials

Apart from the right baby feeding bottles, you could take the help of other nursing products to make feeding your baby convenient. Mothercare offers cleaning brushes and liquids for glass feeding bottles. They are made of child-safe materials and are easy to use. You could also purchase formula dispensers, breast milk storage bags, squeeze feeders, silicone teats in various styles for baby feeding bottles and powder milk containers. If you notice your child is chomping down on her feeding bottle’s teat, it’s time to give her teethers. These chew toys will help soothe her gums as teeth emerge.

Keep pace with your growing baby’s needs

At some point, and maybe sooner than you’d like, your baby will outgrow baby feeding bottles and will start reaching for cups and spoons. Encourage your child’s independence by offering baby sippers and cups . These act as good transitional dishes as they allow your child to eat by herself, but lids and spouts offer protection from spillages. You could also add weaning plates and bowls to your kitchen cutlery to help your child eat solid foodstuffs by herself.

Comprehensive baby care

Mothercare offers products that are essential for your baby’s growth and development at competitive prices. Explore our website to stock up on baby outfits, bathing essentials, skincare products, and more!