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Medicine Dispenser

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Farlin Knee Pads Blue


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Mothercare Medicine Dispenser Orange


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Safety 1St Handle Flex Lock White


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Pigeon Baby Tweezers White


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Chicco Oral Care Set Blue


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Farlin Safety Guard For Socket White


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Mothercare Soother Medicine Dispenser Blue


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Taking care of a baby is a full time job, especially when it comes to making sure that they are healthy and safe. Before your baby learns how to take care of their own health, you as a parent have to make sure they are clean, safe, and healthy at all times. Be it cutting their nails, brushing their teeth, feeding them medicine, or cleaning out their nose when they have a cold, there are a variety of baby care items you need in your arsenal. We, at Mothercare, understand this need and offer a range of baby nose cleaners and medicine dispensers that will help you keep your little one’s health on track. With a passion for baby and maternity products, we offer items that have been specifically designed with your little one’s comfort in mind. You can also check out Mothercare’s expansive and exclusive range of other baby and maternity products, comprising clothes, shoes, nursery essentials, health essentials, and more. We cater to a wide variety of families, showcasing a variety of designs, colours, and price points. No matter what maternity products you’re looking to buy, Mothercare’s catalogue will have the solution.

Products to add to your baby care kit

Safety locks: Babies are curious and adventurous in their early days as they learn and make sense of the world. But this also leaves them prone to injury and potential danger. Baby proof your home with the variety of safety locks available on the Mothercare site. From a flex lock to safety guards for table edges, you can find a lot of safety equipment in our catalogue.

Baby medicine dropper: Giving a child medicine has to be one of the most challenging tasks for any parent, but make it easier with yourself with a baby dropper from Mothercare. We carry conventional medicine droppers as well as sooth designs to make the process easier.

Nasal aspirators: If your little one is prone to congestion and phlegm, a mucus sucker device like an aspirator for the nose is key. Mothercare offers affordable and effective products in the baby nose clearer category, which use gentle suction to unblock your child’s nose and let them breathe easy.

Premium baby and maternity products at Mothercare

Mothercare is a one stop shop for all your baby and maternity product needs. Not only do we sell baby care equipment but we also carry baby clothing, skincare, bath products, toys, shoes, nursery furniture and a whole lot more. You can walk into one of our stores, or check out our website to browse our catalogue of baby and maternity products. We understand that parenting can be all-consuming, so our website allows you to order all our products seamlessly and conveniently to your home.