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Baby Cot Sheets & Crib Sheets

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Crib sheets

Along with giving your child fluffy blankets to cover with, ensure that she’s also sleeping on comfortable bed sheets. Thread-bare mattresses or flimsy bed sheets will make her feel cold and uncomfortable. Mothercare offers a range of smooth crib sheets perfect for lining your child’s crib or cot. They feature cute patterns and soothing colours to create a relaxing ambience in your child’s room. Opt for good-quality crib sheets to help your child enjoy a restful sleep every night.

Fun and functional crib sheets

We know that children like to sleep on things that are soft and smooth. That’s why our baby crib sheets are made of a soft jersey cotton fabric. They are perfectly sized for your child’s crib so that the sheet stays snug over the crib and doesn’t wrinkle. If you don’t want to tuck the sheet underneath the baby mattress yourself, opt for our stretchable, easy-to-use fitted crib sheets. The elasticated skirt ensures that the sheet stays firmly in place as your child sleeps. Our bedsheets can be washed and dried in the washing machine for easy care.

A variety of baby cot sheets

If your child prefers sleeping on an adjustable cot bed, we baby bedding sheets ideal for beds in this style. Our baby cot bed sheets are made from lightweight, breathable cotton fabric to keep your child cool as she sleeps. This minimises perspiration and reduces chances of your little one developing a heat rash. Our waterproof bed sheets prevent your child’s bedding from becoming wet due to night-time accidents. They are soft to the touch and do not make a rustling sound when slept on. This ensures that your child stays dry and enjoys a noise-free sleep. Our baby cot sheets feature soft pastel hues and calming prints to help your child unwind. You can opt for single bed sheets of ones that come in packs of two to infuse variety into your child’s sleeping routine.

Sleeping essentials

Along with good-quality crib sheets, you should also add functional furniture pieces to your child’s room. Mothercare’s versatile cot beds and convertible cribs are a must-have. If you’re looking for something body-hugging, opt for our sleeping bags and carry nests. These cover your baby from head to toe to keep her warm and safe through the night. If your shopping for your toddler, you could opt for toddler beds featuring cartoon characters like Peppa Pig and Ariel the mermaid or even ones shaped like a car. Don’t forget to add cosy blankets, quilts and comforters over crib sheets for your child to slip under. Fluffy baby pillows will keep your child’s neck supported while she sleeps and prevents aches and pains. It’s also wise to add toy boxes, dressing tables, a writing desk and baby cupboard to your child’s room.

All your baby needs, in one place

Make your baby’s room a peaceful sanctuary for her to play and sleep in. Populate it with child-safe furniture, baby essentials and toys to keep your baby healthy and happy. We at Mothercare offer a range of products, from baby outfits to feeding essentials to bathing products to help you create the perfect room for your little one.