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Baby Teethers & Nibblers

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Baby teethers

Is your baby more irritable than usual, drooling, and eager to bite everything in sight? There are high chances that she has started teething. As teeth begin to grow, your infant’s gums begin to itch and swell. The resulting pain puts them in a bad mood and even causes them to eat less. Help your baby alleviate some of the discomforts by giving her teething toys to bite on. These chew toys help soothe sore gums, making your baby feel better. Teethers play a crucial role as their teeth begin to emerge.

Cute teethers for your baby

We at Mothercare offer a range of stylish and functional chewing toys for your baby. Our teethers are designed to look like toys to catch your child’s interest. You could opt for ones shaped like a bunny rabbit, elephant, car, or flower. Some have calming pastel shades while others are more vibrantly colored. To soothe your baby’s gums, cool teethers by placing them in the fridge for a short while. Don’t forget to carry soothers and pacifiers wherever you go, as your child might get the urge to bite something at any time. Since your child might drool a lot because of the emerging teeth, pack in a flannel towel or muslins to wipe her mouth.

Tips to buy the right teethers

Baby’s put these chew toys inside their mouth. So, you must pick ones that are safe. Mothercare’s teethers are made from child-safe materials like silicone. They are built to last, but soft enough to give your child relief. When selecting teether toys, opt for ones that fit comfortably in their hands and mouths so that your child can hold and bite them with ease. Toys with water-filled centers cool better and also improve your child’s motor skills. Also, opt for baby teething toys that come in packs of two, so that your child has diverse options to choose from. If your child has the right chewing toys, he won’t clamp down on his feeding bottles and toys.

Essentials for your growing baby

You might discover that your little one is growing in leaps and bounds. A moment ago, she was snug in your arms and now she’s trying to eat, walk and play by herself. It’s essential to provide your babies with all they need for them to develop properly. They also help improve your child’s bite by helping teeth grow properly. Baby sippers and cups come in handy when your child begins to show signs of wanting to eat by themself. These act as good transitional tools as they give your baby control over her eating while also preventing spillages. Weaning plates and bowls can be used when you want to introduce your child to solid food and master eating by herself.

Solutions for your baby’s every need

A baby’s needs aren’t static, they keep changing as they age. We at Mothercare understand this and provide a range of products to help you meet your baby’s needs at every stage. From, baby outfits and footwear, to grooming supplies and essential gear, we provide a comprehensive list of products to help you baby grow into a healthy individual.