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Muslin (Baby Muslin Cloths)

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Mothercare Print &Amp; Plain Baby Muslins Grey Pack Of 6


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Mothercare Baby Muslins White Pack Of 6


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Muslins for your baby

When feeding a baby, you need to account for accidental spills. Your baby might burp up food or let drool slide down her face. If not cleaned quickly, it gets messy, and your baby will feel uncomfortable. Here’s where muslins come in handy. These are small cloths that can be used in place of or along with a bib for a mess-free feeding experience. The muslin prevents your and your baby’s clothes from being soiled so that your baby stays in a good mood and you have lesser cleaning to do.

Functional muslins

Using the right feeding apparatus, like baby sippers and cups helps your baby consume food easily. But one still needs to account for dribble and spills. These could happen whether your baby is being breastfed or fed from feeding bottles or spoons. You might also have drool to deal with when your baby is chomping down on teethers. Keep muslins handy to take care of the spillages. Mothercare offers a range of burp cloths that are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. Our muslins are highly-absorbent and can take care of minute and massive spillages. Plus, they dry quickly so that you can use them frequently. Opt for muslins that come in packs, as you can never have enough of them. Our burp cloths also feature cute designs and vibrant colours that are sure to catch your baby’s attention.

Versatile muslin cloth for babies

Burp cloths can be used for a variety of purposes, and that’s why they are a mother’s best friend. Drape muslins over your shoulder when trying to burp your baby. The cloth will protect your clothes from being soiled. If you’ve run out of bibs, tie the cloth around your baby’s neck to make a makeshift bib. These soft, silky-smooth cloths also make for great comforters as your will love feeling the cloth’s texture against her skin. If you’re outdoors and find yourself without a swaddle towel, create muslin swaddles to dry your baby and keep her warm. Or you could use these cloths to wipe your baby’s skin when changing her nappy or to clean her face and fingers when out and about. They are also great for cleaning baby gear like soothers and pacifiers

Make feeding time fun

When it comes to consuming food, babies can be capricious. On some days they might gulp down what’s in front of them, on others, they might refuse to consume even a spoonful. Make every feeding session enjoyable by stocking up on the right feeding accessories. Select quirky bibs and muslin cloths for babies, feeding bottles and sippers to keep your child interested. Children love vibrant colours and cute prints, so opt for items that have these features. Invest in weaning plates and bowls that are easy to use and slip-resistant. Flexi tip spoons make eating easier for your child while feeding kits provide your child with all the cutlery needed to enjoy a meal.

Your one stop shop for baby care

Every parent wants to give their child the best, because their child deserves nothing but the best. We at Mothercare understand this and provide high-quality, well-designed products for your baby. From baby outfits and footwear to feeding and travel accessories, we provide a range of products to make your baby’s life better and your parenting journey fun. Explore our site to see all that it has to offer, and select products based on your baby’s needs.