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Baby Soothers

Your baby has a sucking reflex that she needs to satisfy. A feeding bottle or nipple usually satiates this need, but what happens when your child’s stomach is full? Here’s where pacifiers come in handy, as they give your child something to suck on. They have a teat that mimics a human nipple so that your child can engage her desire to suckle. Soothers actually help children feel calm and comforted. Slip one in her mouth at bedtime or in between feeding times. Mothercare has a range of soothers your little one is sure to love. Pick one, or a few, that appeal to her.

Safe soothers for your baby

You need to be extra vigilant about things your child is going to put inside her mouth, like feeding bottles . At Mothercare, we ensure that the pacifiers are BPA-free so that they aren’t toxic for your baby. The teat features an orthodontic shape to encourage natural oral development. To ensure that our soothers have a natural feel, they are made from silicone and are odourless and tasteless. Don’t forget to clean baby pacifiers frequently and well. This will ensure that there’s no germ build-up on them. Our soothers can be sterilized using all approved methods. If you notice that your baby is drooling because of constantly suckling, wipe her mouth with a soft flannel towel or muslins .

Stylish and functional pacifiers

Babies look adorable, sucking on chewing toys like teethers. With Mothercare soothers in your baby’s mouth, your tot is sure to look extra cute. They come in popping colours like red, yellow and blue to catch your baby’s attention. Our pacifiers also sport quirky slogans like ‘I’m roar-some’, ‘born wild’ or ‘too cool’. Or you could opt for ones with cute animal prints like teddy bears and dinosaurs. Our baby pacifiers come in packs of two for variety. To prevent your child’s favourite sucking toy from getting lost, fasten it using a holder for soothers or keep it in a case specially designed for them.

Tips to buy the right pacifiers

Choose ones that are BPA-free, and these are safe for your baby. Get pacifiers that are of the right size so that your baby can suck on them comfortably. Since these baby essentials need to be clean and hygienic, don’t switch pacifiers between children. You also need to pay attention to the shape of the shield. This is the part of soothers that rests outside your baby’s mouth, on her lips. Opt for shields that have holes or slats to allow air to pass through. Though it might be tempting to sweeten soothers to get your baby interested in them, avoid doing so as it will damage your little one’s teeth.

Prepare for your growing baby’s needs

Most parents feel that their children grow up faster than they’d like them too. This is a fact of life which you must prepare for. As you child expresses a desire for more independence, gradually wean him off soothers. You could encourage your baby’s independence in other areas, like feeding, by introducing her to baby sippers and cups. These will allow her to eat liquid foodstuffs like buttermilk and soup by herself, but the lid and spout will prevent spillages. You could also add weaning plates and bowls to your kitchen cutlery to help your child eat solid foodstuffs by herself.

Complete care for your baby

Babies need to feel safe and snug all the time. You can help your baby feel this way always by giving her the right kind of products at the right age. Mothercare offers a range of products for every child and every growth stage. Explore our website and pick what you need, from baby outfits to feeding essentials to child-friendly bathtubs and more!