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Breast Pad And Nursing Pads

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Mothercare Disposable Breast Pads White - 80 Pcs


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Breast pads

With the arrival of a baby, your schedule and priorities change, as does your body. Nursing can cause your nipples to feel tender and sensitive. Despite wearing a bra, your breasts will feel sore. What you need are soft breast pads. These round pads are contoured to take the shape of your breasts. Slip breast pads inside your bra for an extra layer of support and protection. They will surely alleviate the discomfort you’re experiencing. Breast pads also safeguard against leakages. The ones offered by Mothercare provide maximum support in a discreet fashion. Always keep a pair of breast pads handy to prevent awkward stains, especially when you are outdoors.

Benefits of breast pads

As a prudent parent, you might have invested in high-quality maternity bras. But you will still benefit from keeping breast pads handy. Nursing mothers know how awkward seepages can be, especially if you’re in a public place. Breast pads are waterproof and soak up excess milk leakages to prevent stains. They allow you to confidently wear any outfit without having to worry about stains cramping your style. Breast pads also provide support and definition to your breasts. Plus, they act as cushions for your nipples. Suckling and frequent use of a breast pump make your nipples sore. Breast pads prevent your tender nipples from grazing against your bra or outerwear.

Comfortable breast pads

We understand that you want to have an active social life, keep up with your hobbies, or head back to work. Breast pads help you get on with your day in comfort. Every mother’s needs are different. That’s why we offer breast pads in washable and disposable varieties. Our disposable ones come in packs of 50 and 80. These disposable breast pads should be discarded in the bin after use. They come individually wrapped so you can slip a pair or two into your bag. Along with nursing pads, carry along a feeding shawl to nurse your baby whenever needed. This will help you and your baby feel relaxed during the feed. Our washable breast pads are made of durable fabric and can be machine-washed for easy care. All our pads are super absorbent and have a leakproof layer to prevent transference. The adhesive tabs on our maternity breast pads keep them firmly in place.

Breast pads and other nursing essentials

With appropriate maternity wear, your parenting journey will be comfortable and enjoyable. Breastfeeding pads are a must-have for every mommy. Ones infused with aloe vera have moisturizing properties. Also, opt for breast pads that are compact as they are more discreet. These allow you to wear body-hugging outerwear without drawing attention to your chest. Apart from breast shields, keep a pack of breast wipes handy to clean your nipples after feeds. You could also invest in a comfortable feeding pillow to keep your baby secure as she nurses. However, whether it's breast pads or wipes, ensure that you follow manufacturer instructions carefully. Avoid flushing either as they’re meant to be disposed of in a bin.

Happy mommy, happy baby

At Mothercare, we understand that your mood greatly impacts your baby. Your baby feeds off your energy, so if you’re feeling positive, your baby will feel relaxed and happy too. That’s why we offer a range of products, not just for your baby, but for you too. Explore our website to shop for maternity wear, pregnancy pillows, breast pads, and lots more.