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Potty seats

Buy Baby Potty Seats And Chairs at Mothercare

As your little one grows older, potty training becomes an important rite of passage. It helps your child gain independence by learning how to use the toilet on her own. But success comes only after a fair bit of tantrums from your child, who might find the change from diapers to a baby potty seat to be sudden and tricky. Get her excited about learning how to use the toilet properly by getting her a baby potty seat that captivates her attention. Select seats that are specially built for toddlers and are designed keeping their convenience in mind. Mothercare has a range of potty seats your child is sure to love. Hurry up and get your baby one!

What Exactly is a Baby Potty Seat?

The baby toilet seat is a sort of commode that the baby can sit on without the assistance of parents and can teach the infant to poop independently. Currently, there are many types of kids' toilet seats available on the market. They come in cute shapes and are vibrant in colour, which can attract babies for taking steps to defecate, and they are simple to clean after usage.

Advantages of Using Baby Potty Seats and Chairs?

Here are a few benefits to using a baby toilet seat:

Mothers can teach their kids the good habit of using toilet seats independently at a very affordable price. Moreover, these baby toilet seats are colourful and have various pictures on them, so that kids love and accept them.

Baby potty seats are comfortable and safe, as well as easy to clean if they become stained. These chairs are designed in such a way that the babies can feel safe and comfortable sitting on a potty chair, and they don't have to worry about falling down.

Baby potty seats can come in handy while travelling. This can help maintain their baby’s potty routine with no disturbance.

When the baby pees and poops everywhere, moms will have to spend plenty of time cleaning. With kids toilet seats, mothers will not need to spend so much time cleaning the poop.

Picking the right potty seats

Children like objects that are colourful and remind them of their favourite cartoon character or superhero. Choose a potty seat that has these characteristics, so that they attract your child’s attention. Once your child likes what she sees, she’ll be more open to trying out the baby potty seat. Next, opt for a design that is stylish but also comfortable. Your baby will refuse to sit on a potty chair that’s too small, high or uncomfortable. Pick ones that are wide enough for your child to sit comfortably on and are low enough for her feet to rest on the floor. Also, opt for potty seats that are lightweight, so that your child can carry them around easily. It might also be a good option to pick potties in colours that complement other bath plastics like toddler bath tubs and bath seats for aesthetic appeal.

Functional potty seats

Easy to use and clean kids potty seats will make toilet training easier for you and your child. Mothercare’s range of toilet seats are designed keeping these requirements in mind. Our baby toilet seats feature ergonomic designs for maximum comfort. They also have non-slip legs for your peace of mind and your child’s safety. All our potty seats have a splash guard for hygienic use and easy cleaning. Our range includes potties with detachable inserts that can be easily emptied into the toilet. Our potty seats come in soothing pastel shades and feature cartoon characters like Peppa Pig. These will not only complement your child’s room décor but also match other bath accessories.

Tips for baby potty seat training

Since the shift from diapers to an adult toilet will be too sudden for your child, use a kids toilet seat as a transitional tool. Start potty training at an age when your child can sit upright comfortably. Make your child feel comfortable using the baby potty seat by encouraging her to sit on it at least twice a day, with her clothes on. Later, you could get your child to sit on the potty without a diaper for a few minutes every two hours. Allow your child to play with a toy or talk to her as she sits on the potty. Every time she uses the toilet properly, offer generous praise. Also, teach your child to wash her hands after using baby toilet seats.

The go-to shop for your baby’s needs

Help your baby grown into an independent, confident individual by teaching her the right things at the right age. Mothercare offers you all the tools you need to accomplish this responsibility successfully. Explore our range of baby gear and products to build the arsenal you need to mould your child.

Why Shop for Baby Potty Seats and Chairs at Mothercare?

Mothercare kids’ toilet seats make life easier for both parents and children.

Superior Quality of Product: The seats are of high quality and non-toxic, with smooth edges to keep kids safe while using them.

Finest Design: Each baby potty seat is specifically built to encourage chair use as needed. Furthermore, these are lightweight and portable; parents can take them with them when going out to ensure that their child does not suffer.

Reasonable Price: Each baby toilet seat price is reasonable, allowing parents to purchase the product without hesitation and providing a pleasant experience for their kid.

Shop Baby Potty Seats and Chair Online at Mothercare

As a parent, it is very well understood that visiting the physical store can be difficult at times. That is why we at Mothercare have made shopping easier for you. You can browse through a wide range of childcare selections online. All you need to do is go to the official Mothercare webpage. From kids potty chairs to other essentials, everything you can find is on one platform. Shop with ease and convenience!