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Baby wipes

Your little one is a handful. One moment she has wet her diaper, the other, she is trying to put an old dusty hair tie into her mouth. Babies can be quite messy, for no fault of their own. As a parent, you’ll find yourself constantly having to wipe up, clean up, dust down. It’s a backbreaking job. Baby wipes can make your cleaning chores a lot easier. They are easy to use and are also wet to help you clean stubborn splotches of dirt better. Unlike cloth pieces that need to be washed and dried, baby wet wipes can be used and disposed of for quick use. That’s why many parents like to keep a pack handy. Mothercare has a variety of baby wipes that are safe to use on your child’s skin. They come in fragranced and non-fragranced varieties. Pick baby wipes that suit your baby’s skin.

Child-safe baby wipes

Since these wipes are going to be primarily used on your child’s skin, they must be safe to use. Mothercare’s baby wipes are designed to be gentle on your child’s delicate skin. They are made of natural extracts and are hypoallergenic. This means that these baby wet wipes are safe to use on sensitive skin as well. For added safety, we have our wipes tested by dermatologists. They are either fragrance-free or mildly fragranced to minimize irritation. Each pack of baby wet wipes contains 60 wipes for extended use. The pack is resealable to keep the wipes hygienic. When purchasing wipes for your baby, check baby wipes prices so that you get the best deal.

Versatile baby wet wipes

These wipes can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. Baby wipes are perfect for wiping your baby’s bottom between nappy changes. After cleaning with wet wipes, sprinkle some baby powder to prevent diaper rashes and then slip on your baby’s diaper. You can simply dispose of the wipes after use, making changes quicker, cleaner and stress-free. Baby water wipes can also be used for wiping your child’s hands after he has soiled them, or for wiping pacifiers and toys clean. If you’re travelling outdoors, carry along a pack of baby wipes and baby hand cleansing gel to keep your baby’s hands and face always clean and germ-free.

Baby skin care essentials

It’s important to have the right skin care products so that your baby’s skin stays soft, smooth and protected. Baby wipes are a must-have in your skin care product arsenal. They keep your child’s skin clean without drying it out. But along with baby wipes, it’s important to have other products as well. To keep your baby’s skin moist and supple, especially in the cold winter months, invest in a good baby cream and baby lotion. Opt for ones that are fragrance-free and gentle on your child’s skin. It’s also important to give your baby regular massages. Use a baby body oil and baby massage oil that moisturizes and soothes your baby’s skin.

Complete care for your baby

Your little one is fragile and needs your tender loving care to grow into a strong individual. Give your baby all that it needs to grow quickly and healthily. Mothercare offers a range of products for your baby, from grooming essentials to feeding supplies and more.