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Mothercare Flutteryby Jersey Blankets Pink Pack Of 3


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Mothercare Essential Cot Bed Polka Dots Fleece Blanket Cream


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Mothercare Sleepy Safari Knitted Blanket Jade


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Mothercare Essential Cot Bed Polka Dots Fleece Blanket Blue


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Mothercare Essentials Cot Bed Cellular Blanket Grey


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Shooting Star Snuggle Pod Wrap Cream

Shooting Star

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Buy Baby Blankets Online at Mothercare

When it gets chilly, and there’s a bit of a nip in the air, your little one feels it more than you do. Your tiny baby, just out in this big world, is sensitive to temperature changes and needs to be looked after carefully. As a mom, you want to bundle up your tiny one, but how do you find the perfect blanket? You want an ideal blanket that feels cosy and is functional, but also looks cute and makes your baby smile while sleeping.

Well, Mothercare has just the thing for you. At Mothercare, you’ll find a vast collection of soft baby blankets, crafted to keep your tiny tot cocooned in warmth. These crib blankets are made using cotton as soft as a cloud. This fabric is so airy and comfy that your sweet angel will fall into a deep sleep, at the perfect temperature. Not only that, but they’re designed to fit your cutie’s crib, and can easily cover the baby mattress. You can pair these blankets with the flat baby crib bedsheets, and your baby’s bed is more than ready. These crib blankets come in soothing colours like pale pink, or a pastel blue, which are perfect for sleepy-time.

Mothercare also offers super plushy fleece baby blankets for winter. These blankets are lined with the downiest fleece, that’ll keep your adorable baby snuggly and warm. Its fabric and texture will feel gentle and relaxing against your baby’s skin and will allow for a peaceful night’s sleep. They’re also perfectly sized to fit your sweetheart’s crib and add some charm to the nursery. Whether it’s snowing outside, or simply raining heavily, your li’l one will be bundled up and ensconced in warmth. And as for your little child’s happiness, the blankets come with cute polka dots and in cutesy colors.

For any moms with extra-sensitive babies, Mothercare has you covered. While babies are already more in-tune with weather changes, their skin is very delicate and absorbent. Mothercare knows that at times your baby might need that extra protective blanket or quilt to sleep well. So, Mothercare also houses blankets made out of organic cotton, with antimicrobial & hypoallergenic filling. These blankets will not only ward off the cold weather, but also anything else that will bother your sleepyhead. And what’s more, these artic blankets have stunning winter murals on them, so your li’l kid will be wide-eyed with wonder.

At Mothercare, you’ll also find several blankets and wraps in muslin. These wraps are perfect for swaddling your teeny tot in. These blankets are single-layered, so your baby won’t get too toasty. Besides, they’re very easy to use during breastfeeding or tummy-time and can be changed with the utmost ease. Plus, they also come in cute patterns like hearts, dinos, safari prints and much more. Your li’l munchkin will be more than happy to be wrapped up in one of these swaddle blankets.

Shop for Baby Blankets Online at Mothercare

The blankets at Mothercare are bound to keep your tiny tot happy, but what about you? You don’t want to buy something too expensive or difficult to clean, right? Mothercare has already taken parents into consideration while creating these blankets.

The blankets at Mothercare are extremely pocket-friendly, and won’t make a huge dent in your budgets. The baby blanket’s price, at Mothercare, is more than reasonable, and gives you true value for your money. Apart from that, all of these blankets and wraps are machine washable. So, in case your little baby spills something or wets the bed, you can simply wash the blankets, and they’ll be as good as brand new.

At Mothercare, we strive to ensure that with our blankets, quilts & wraps, you and your li’l one have the best sleep.

Baby Blankets for Winter

Shopping for baby crib essentials for a first-time parent is overwhelming. Just sifting through the options available out there can be a full-time job. Mothercare has considered these challenges and has curated a list of must-haves for your baby. You will quickly realise that there are essential products and good-to-keep options. Prioritise the essential ones initially, and then selectively opt for the others.

Here is a list of must-have baby items, ranging from stylish basics to bed-time essentials for sleep:

Swaddle Blankets: Swaddling is a time-tested method, which makes its cosy, womb-like fit preferable. This newborn blanket helps the baby calm down on its own.

Fleece Blankets: These blankets are very popular and are squishy, yet not bulky so your baby can be cosy and comfortable.

Pod wraps: This newborn wrap blanket cuddles your baby, creating a mother's womb effect, which can help them sleep soundly. The pod has a u-shaped head protection ring that is both comfortable for the baby and protects the their delicate head from injury.

Knit Blankets: Knit blankets are very soft and make adorable gifts. These knit or crochet baby blankets make great baby blankets for winter as they provide a lot of warmth for your loved one.

Baby Quilts: Quilted baby blankets have a comforting texture and are known for their durability. They come in reversible sides and feature vibrant colours that will grow on your child.

Selection of best brands: Due to the popularity and versatility of baby blankets, new products from various companies are being launched every day. Mothercare has carefully hand-picked the best brands offering the highest quality products in the market for parents. Also, the baby blankets' price range is great value-for-money, making them an excellent choice for parents with diverse budgets. What’s more, you can buy baby blankets online directly from the website for enhanced convenience.