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Maternity Pads

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Maternity pads

The weeks after delivery can be quite stressful. You have a new born baby to care for, plus you have to care for your body that has just been pushed to its limits. One of the many issues you’ll encounter is heavy bleeding, especially in the first couple of weeks after pregnancy. Regular pads will prove to be too thin, which means you’ll have to either change them frequently or deal with stains. That’s why you need to use special pads after delivery that are super absorbent and prevent leakage. Mothercare offers a range of pads in several sizes for you to choose from.

Leakproof disposable towels

Good-quality pads are a crucial component of post partum care . We at Mothercare understand this and offer highly absorbent pads that you can confidently wear through the night without having to worry about leaks. Apart from an absorbent core, they feature channels that stymie leakages, no matter the position your sleeping in. You could also use a pregnancy pillow for increased comfort while sleeping. You can opt for maternity pads with wings or without them. Our aloe vera infused pads also keep your skin moisturised and prevent the occurrence of rashes. That’s why Mothercare offers the best maternity pads after delivery in India. We also offer disposable maternity briefs that are soft, slim and designed to hold maternity towels securely in place.

Maternity essentials

With the right maternity care items, your post pregnancy days will be comfortable and stress-free, leaving you with sufficient energy to focus on your baby. Along with shopping for maternity pads online, also invest in breast pads to protect and soothe sore nipples. These also prevent leakages and your nipples from chaffing. It’s a good idea to invest in a gliding chair so that you can sit comfortably while breastfeeding your child. These chairs feature reclining backrests, supporting your back and taking the pressure off your hips. You could also invest in a feeding pillow to support your baby while she nurses. These pillows fit in your lap and hold your baby securely in place. They also encourage your baby to self-feed.

Complete mommy and baby care

We know that pregnancy and child care are stressful, so we offer a range of products to ease your caregiving journey. Explore our website to shop for essentials for both you and your baby.