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Breastfeeding Products And Essentials

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Mothercare Disposable Breast Pads White - 80 Pcs


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Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump White


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Mothercare Breastfeeding Shawl Grey


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Mothercare Manual Breast Pump White 150Ml


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Buy breastfeeding accessories at Mothercare

Breastfeeding is a crucial time in every mother’s life, as she feeds her newborn and develops a deeper bond with them. However, sometimes its not as easy as nipple to mouth – some mothers take time to adapt to this new experience and some babies might also be a bit fussy. There are products out there in the market today that can make breastfeeding a much easier and smoother process. We, at Mothercare, understand this need and offer a range of breastfeeding products that will ensure smooth sailing in your breastfeeding journey. With a passion for baby and maternity products, we offer items that have been specifically designed with your and your child’s comfort in mind.

You can also check out Mothercare’s exclusive range of other baby and maternity products, comprising clothes, shoes, nursery essentials, health essentials, and more. We cater to a wide variety of families, showcasing a variety of designs, colours, and price points. No matter what maternity products you’re looking to buy, Mothercare’s catalogue will have the solution.

Premium brands selling breastfeeding products

The Mothercare website carries all the breastfeeding essentials you might need during this new adventure in your motherhood journey. Not only do we offer products from our own brand, but we also carry products from some of the most reputed baby care brands in India. Here are some of the brands you can find on our website:

Mothercare: We at Mothercare have developed accessories for breastfeeding such as washable breast pads and shawls that will make it easy for you to breastfeed your child while on the go. We even offer skincare for mothers such as our It’s Your Body lanolin nipple balm. This will provide soothing and respite to sore nipples, especially if your baby is prone to biting.

Medela: If you are on the move and don’t have an opportunity to breastfeed, you can use a breast pump from Medela to make it easier. Breast pumps are also ideal for mothers who only produce breastmilk occasionally and don’t want to miss an opportunity to collect breastmilk for later. You can go for a manual breast pump or an electric one, depending on your needs and preferences.

Chicco: A tried and true brand for many mothers, Chicco offers accessories for breastfeeding that can make the process easier for you. From their Natural Feeling manual breast pump to their cleansing breast wipes, Chicco creates and offers products that make a huge difference in every breastfeeding mother’s life.

Pigeon: If you need nipple care products that are affordable while still being effective at the same time, Pigeon is a brand that has your back. Readily available on the Mothercare website, Pigeon’s Natural Fit Nipple Shield and Nipple Puller are among their most popular products on our website. Not only are their products affordable, but the Nipple Pulled in particular comes with a case to protect the product as well.

Philips Avent: If you are chasing maximum comfort and confidence from your breastfeeding aids, Avent by Philips offers some beautiful yet effective products. You can find many of their products on our site, from the Daytime Disposable Breast Pads to their Single Electric Breast Pump, available in a beautiful white and purple colour.

Premium baby and maternity products at Mothercare

Mothercare is a one stop shop for all your baby and maternity product needs. Not only do we sell but we also carry baby clothing, skincare, bath products, toys, shoes, nursery furniture and a whole lot more. You can walk into one of our stores, or check out our website to browse our catalogue of baby and maternity products. We understand that parenting can be all-consuming, so our website allows you to order all our products seamlessly and conveniently to your home.