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Baby pillows

Pillows are an essential aid for your baby, but only if they’re the right kind. Firm and flat baby pillows that provide adequate support will help your baby enjoy undisturbed sleep. Pillows that are of the wrong height or shape can cause neck pains. That’s why it’s important to opt for baby pillows that are designed keeping your baby’s bone structure and delicate frame in mind. Mothercare lets you shop for a variety of baby pillows online that are child-safe and extremely comfortable. Pick ones that appeal to your baby and her room’s décor.

Benefits of baby pillows

Pillows can help your baby in more ways than one. The pillow’s soft texture can put your baby at ease and thereby, reduce anxiety. Certain new born baby pillows, like U-shaped pillows, support your little one’s head and neck. This improves sleeping posture and keeps neck pains at bay. Baby pillows also allow for easy breathing and aid digestion. For all these reasons, your little one is more likely to enjoy a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling fresh and rested. Along with the right kind of baby pillows, invest in good-quality sleeping furniture and a baby mattress. This will create the perfect atmosphere for your baby to unwind after her play sessions. However, when buying new baby pillows, ensure that they have hypoallergenic and antimicrobial fillings. They should be made of soft fabric like organic cotton. Ones that are machine washable are an added advantage as they can be cleaned easily. Mothercare’s pillows offer all these features, and that’s why they are some of the best baby pillows available at the moment.

A variety of baby pillows

We at Mothercare understand that since not every baby’s needs are the same, not all baby pillows can be the same. Our pillows come in different sizes but are built to fit inside your baby’s cot or crib. Our baby pillows feature unique fillings to prevent allergic reactions in your child. The ones filled with mustard seeds make for great new born baby pillows. These pillows conform to the shape of your baby’s head to prevent it from acquiring a flat shape or what is also called Flat Head Syndrome. These baby pillows also aid air circulation to prevent night-time sweating. Our baby loungers are like beanbags, but for tiny tots. Your baby can rest snugly in them, while you go about your chores. These baby pillows come with a waterproof sheet that can be machine washed for easy care. Mothercare also offers bolsters to prevent your baby from rolling off the mattress. These baby pillows help your little one feel snug and secure while she sleeps. If you’re looking for sleeping aids apart from pillows, you could opt for baby bedding sets that come with functional additions like comforters, bolsters, toy cushions and more to make shopping easier.

Sleeping essentials for your baby

Proper sleeping aids will calm your baby and put her in a mood to sleep. Stock up on bed linen like duvets, a baby cot sheets and crib sheets so that you can change these covering often. This will keep your baby’s bed hygienic and dust-free. Mothercare’s sets feature cute animal and floral prints and soft pastel shades to create a calming atmosphere in your baby’s room. Cover your baby’s bed with a mosquito net to keep insect bites at bay.

Complete care for your baby

We understand that, as a parent, you want to give your child all and she needs and more. Explore our website to shop for baby essentials, feeding supplies, travel gear and everything else your baby might need to feel comfortable and happy.