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New Born Baby Shirts, T-Shirts And Tops

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Girls Short Sleeves T-Shirt Flower Print-Pack Of 1-Multicolor


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Boys Short Sleeves T-Shirts -Pack Of 2-Multicolor


₹ 1,124.00 ₹ 1,499.00 25% Off

My First Elephant Balloon And Stripe T-Shirts - 2 Pack My First Elephant Balloon And Stripe T-Shirts - 2 Pack

My First Elephant Balloon And Stripe T-Shirts - 2 Pack


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Boys Full Sleeves T-Shirt Text Print - Navy Boys Full Sleeves T-Shirt Text Print - Navy

Boys Full Sleeves T-Shirt Text Print - Navy


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Boys Half Sleeve Round Neck Tee-Printed Blue


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New born baby tops

Babies love to be engulfed in soft things, whether it’s your arms, a favourite blanket or even clothes. Ensure that your baby feels snug through the day by dressing her in outfits that are cosy and comfortable, like Mothercare’s new born t-shirts. They are soft and smooth, qualities your baby loves. Plus, the quirky patterns on them are sure to keep your little one entertained and in a happy mood.

New born t-shirts that appeal to your baby

Slipping a t-shirt over a new born baby or toddler can be tricky. Even the most persuasive attempts can be rebuffed by wiggling hands and feet. Having an eye-catching design on the t-shirt will help engage your baby’s attention while you dress her. Mothercare’s range of new born baby tops is designed keeping this in mind. Our t-shirts feature prints of animals like giraffes, elephants, bears, lions and whales, reminding your child of the cartoon characters she’s used to seeing in picture books and on television. For the one’s inclined towards machines, there are prints of cars and cranes. Or you could opt for infant t-shirts with ruffled sleeves or a touch of glitter for added style. Our versatile t-shirts come in calming, pastel shades and can be paired with a range of clothing accessories

New born tops for every occasion

Who says infant wear isn’t fashionable? With the right baby sets and suits and outfit combinations, your little one will be the best-dressed lad or lady everywhere. Mix and match our baby t-shirts with leggings and shorts to keep your baby looking stylish and feeling comfortable indoors.tops and bodysuits also make for great indoor wear as they keep your baby protected from neck to toe. Patterned new born shirts and t-shirts can be paired with monochromatic pants and skirts for a stroll outdoors. Or you could pair sleeveless dresses and jumpsits with plain new born tops for a more festive flair. Dressing your child in multiple layers of clothes with also keep him warm during winter.

Tips to buy the right new born shirts

While shopping for tops for your baby, opt for t-shirts that have wide collars, like round necks or boat necks. Stack up of winterwear like jackets and caps for added protection. Such items are easy to slip over your baby’s head. Long sleeves are ideal for colder days while short sleeves will keep your baby feeling comfortable on warmer ones. Pay attention to the fabric of the t-shirt and select ones made from cotton rather than other rough materials. Cotton t-shirts can also be easily washed in a washing machine, making them easier to care for. Steer clear of clothes that have spangles, sequins or too much glitter and these could irritate your child’s skin. If you’re looking to make a quick purchase, opt for t-shirt packs as they usually offer about two to three t-shirts for a reasonable price.

Your go-to place for baby care

Parenting requires a lot of multi-tasking and it’s good to be able to get some help sometimes. Mothercare makes it easier for you to care for your baby by providing you with all that need to make your baby’s life comfortable. From baby care products to baby gear to garments and footwear, you’ll find everything your baby needs here.