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Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

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Air purifiers

Air pollution is a pressing problem in the world today. Bad quality air is the leading cause of several respiratory illnesses. While we cannot put a stop to air pollution single-handedly, there is a way to control the quality of air our children breathe, at least at home. Installing air purifiers in your home or your baby’s room can help your whole family breathe in safer, better quality air. This can positively impact the health of everyone indoors. Mothercare has a range of cutting-edge air purifiers for you to choose from. Install one in your baby’s room so that your little one and you can breathe easy.

Functional air purifiers

When you buy a television, you opt for a product that has the best specs. Let this philosophy guide you while buying air purifiers too. A good-quality device will be able to block even microscopic particles to keep the air clean and breathable. Mothercare’s ultrasonic air purifiers effectively trap particulate matter like dust, spores, fungi, pet fur and even prevents the proliferation of bacteria. The device comes with a humidistat to maintain humidity levels in the room. The soothing night light and essential oil diffuser will help make your child’s room a relaxing, cosy space for her to unwind in. Our air purifiers are also energy efficient and are easier on your pocket and the environment. They are also noise-free to create a tranquil atmosphere indoors.

Why do I need home air purifiers?

While these devices might seem to fit better in an industrial complex, they are just as suitable and necessary for your home. They are baby products that will improve the quality of your child’s life as air purifiers filter out particulate matter, harmful gasses, and odors. They help prevent seasonal allergies and symptoms like sneezing, a stuffy nose, and sinus troubles. This will help your baby stay healthy, active, and happy. But along with air purifiers, your baby will also benefit from having humidifiers in the house or her room. They are essential for baby skincare . Read on to find out why.

Benefits of humidifiers

These devices increase the moisture levels in a room by releasing steam into the air. When humidity levels drop, like during the winter season, our skin becomes dry, and our lips begin to chap. The effect of dry air is much more pronounced on your baby as her skin is delicate. Install a good-quality humidity control device to alleviate breathing difficulties and damaged skin. Mothercare’s devices also come in cute animal shapes, like elephants and polar bears to make them great additions to your child’s room. However, even with humidity control devices present, don’t forget to keep your child warm by swaddling her in plush towels and wrappers. Choose for ones that come with a hood or feet pockets to keep her covered from head to toe. If your baby seems out of sorts, use a thermometer to check your child’s temperature. Digital ones give you more accurate readings and can help you take the necessary steps to care for your child.

Care tips for air-quality control devices

These devices directly impact the quality of the air your breathing, so it’s important that you keep them clean. Air purifiers can be kept in ship shape by cleaning the filters regularly. This can be done by washing or vacuuming, depending on the kind of filter your device has. Avoid cleaning filters in air purifiers with sharp or pointy objects as they will damage the filter. Keep devices that regulate humidity levels by cleaning the tank and other parts of the device. Always fill distilled water into the device’s tank and clean the tank often. You must also change the device’s filter as often as the manufacturer recommends.

Comprehensive care for your baby

As a parent, you want to keep your baby safe all the time. There might be things that are beyond your control; you can do the best with what’s within your reach. Using the right products and baby care essentials will go a long way in helping your baby stay healthy and happy. Take your pick from Mothercare’s extensive range of baby products, from outfits to feeding essentials to bathroom supplies and more.