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Shop for the Perfect Baby Caps at Mothercare

Once your bundle of joy is out and about, you’ll be on the lookout for the best of everything to keep your little one safe and secure. Especially when it comes to protecting your tot from the weather, you need high-quality clothing like scarves and baby hats.

At Mothercare, you’ll find a large selection of clothing accessories like new born caps. Made from fabric as soft as a cloud, these caps are super comfy around your baby’s tiny head. The fabric is also fuzzy and thick enough to act as winterwear and keep your tiny baby warm and cosy.

The new born baby caps at Mothercare come in a plethora of colours, from pale pinks and cute blues to everything in between. The caps are also decorated with adorable googly eyes, animal ears, and even tiny tails, to keep your tiny one giggling with joy.

Pair these new born baby caps with dresses & jumpsuits, and your sweet angel will be ready for playtime or a stroll with mum and dad. You can even match these baby bonnets with Mothercare’s sets and suits for a complete ensemble, and your Lil’ one will be the cutest in any room.

Purchase the Best Baby Mittens at Mothercare

Your baby’s teeny tiny hands, with the most adorable fingers, are the cutest, aren’t they? It’s very important that when it gets chilly outside, you protect your tot’s small hands with the best new born mittens.

At Mothercare, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of new born baby gloves. The mittens are made out of breathable fabric, which is very easy on your baby’s delicate skin. With soft elastic at the wrists, the gloves will stay in place without causing the apple of your eye any fuss.

Plus, the gloves come in the cutest colours, from royal blues to soft pinks and vibrant reds. Couple these with matching tops & bodysuits, and your Lil’ one, will be all set for the day. With fun patterns and exciting prints decorating the gloves, your Lil’ cutie will not only be bundled up but also happy as a clam.

Buy Baby Mittens and Hats at Mothercare

At Mothercare, you’ll find a vast collection of all things newborn, right from accessories to clothing like shirts, leggings and shorts, and much more! Find everything you need for your precious one, without leaving your home.

At Mothercare, you and your baby will be well taken care of.