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Weaning Plates & Bowls

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Mothercare twist & lock suction bowl set pink


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Mothercare first tastes weaning bowl set pink


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Mothercare free flow sports bottle pink


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Mothercare first tastes weaning bowls blue pack of 2


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Mothercare second stage feeding kit blue


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Mothercare non-spill snack pod pink


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Mothercare non-spill snack pod blue


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Mothercare first tastes weaning bowls pink pack of 2


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Shop for the Perfect Weaning Cutlery at Mothercare

As a new parent, you are extremely excited about this new phase in your life. Your little bundle of joy is in your arms, and you want to ensure that your tot gets the best of everything. Right from cots and sheets, to the best of clothing and toys, you want to pamper the apple of your eye. An important time in your Lil’ one’s life is the weaning period. For such times, Mothercare has the best weaning utensils to make thing easy for you and your tot.

At Mothercare, apart from baby sippers and cups, you will also find an extensive collection of weaning plates. These baby weaning plates are made from durable material, which will last through all of your tot’s playfulness. Plus, the material is non-toxic so that your baby can enjoy only the healthiest food. The plates also come with skid-proof layering at the bottom, so that the plate stays in its place despite all of your cutie’s activities during meal time. To make cleaning up easy for you, the plates can easily be either hand washed or put in the dishwasher. They’re suitable for the microwave, as well, so you can reheat meals in no time.

To make eating from these plates pleasurable and exciting for your sweet angel, these plates come in a plethora of styles and colours. You can find regular plates, in geometric shapes like circles and rectangles, to cute ones in the shapes of animals, stars and hearts. The plates are also divided into little compartments to make eating out of them simple for your teeny tot. These plates, paired with the feeding bottles available at Mothercare, will make transitioning into the weaning phase a smooth experience for both you, and your baby. Mothercare also houses a collection of weaning bowls specially designed to make feeding convenient. These baby weaning bowls come in a variety of sizes, for different portions and purposes. They’re accompanied by matching lids to ensure that your sweet tot’s food is protected from the elements. Mothercare also offers baby led weaning utensils like spoons and forks, along with teethers, designed to make meal time comfortable for your teeny baby.

Buy Weaning Utensils at Mothercare

Mothercare takes care of all of your precious baby’s needs, right from muslins to soothers and pacifiers. Find an abundance of options at Mothercare in different styles, colours, and sizes. Plus, you can shop for everything from the comfort of your home.

At Mothercare, you will find more than what you are looking for.