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Winter Sweater For Girls

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Mothercare Girls Full Sleeves Knitted Cardigan -Brown


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Mothercare Girls Roll Neck Sweater - Grey


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Girls Full Sleeves Sweaters Colorful Stripes-Multicolor


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Navy Woven Cardigan


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Mustard Woven Cardigan


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Girls sweaters

Whether your little princess is presiding over a tea party or reading her favourite fairy tale, she needs to stay warm. This will help her feel comfortable and focus fully on having fun. Invest in high-quality woollen sweaters for girls to keep her snug, no matter the weather. If they are soft, roomy, and comfortable, your daughter will love wearing them. Mothercare offers a range of soft girls’ cardigans and sweaters that are ideal for your growing daughter. Slip these on her to keep her warm during the winter, when she’s feeling under the weather or travelling in air-conditioned transport.

Comfortable and stylish sweaters for girls

Pick sweaters that give ample-body coverage, like long sweaters for girls, so that your daughter’s body stays protected from cold winds. Wearing jeans and leggings underneath will provide extra warmth. Mothercare’s range of girls’ sweaters features woollens that have long sleeves to keep her arms protected. You could opt for roll-neck jumpers or girls’ cardigans to keep her neck warm as well. winterwear that has ribbed collars or hems provide a snug fit and prevent air from seeping into the garment. If your daughter likes vibrant colours, pick girls sweaters that are bright pink, red, yellow, or orange as these are sure to catch her eye. Our woollens come decorated with cute designs, like animal prints, stars, and hearts and even embroidery for an added dose of style. Girls sweaters with bunny ears will up your daughter’s cuteness quotient.

Girls sweaters for the right amount of warmth

Sweaters don’t have to be bulky and stuffy. Opt for winter sweaters for girls that made of lightweight fabrics like fleece and cotton knit as they are easy to move around in. Also, invest in different kinds of woollen sweaters for girls, like jackets, pullovers and hoodies as they can be used to style outfits in unique ways. Bomber and bolero jackets look great with dresses and jumpsuits. Pick monochrome ones if your daughter has a patterned dress and vice versa. Cardigans can be styled with shorts and skirts for a fashionable look. If your child is indoors, opt for a shawl or sleeker sweater. To prevent your child from feeling stuff or hot at night, opt for sleeker winter sweaters for girls. Pyjamas and joggers too are ideal for nightwear.

Layering the right way

Layering involves dressing your child in multiple clothing sets and suits, starting from the thinnest clothes, and progressing to the thickest ones. This provides your child with multiple layers of protection and prevents him from catching a cold. On frigid days, start by putting on thermals, followed by tops, jumpers and finally, padded jackets. That way, your child can keep shedding garments as the temperature rises. When shopping for sweaters for girls online, don’t forget to pick up a pair of mittens or gloves and a knitted cap for extra protection from the elements.

Similarly, when your daughter is at the pool, don’t forget to dress her in swimwear that provides maximum coverage, as a full-body swimsuit. When she’s outside the pool cover her with our soft, fluffy bath robes as this will dry her body and keep her warm.

Your one-stop-shop for warm wear

Help your child stay confident, comfortable and active, no matter the weather. Mothercare offers a range of garments and winter clothes to help you dress your child appropriately for every season. As you shop, invite her to express her likes and dislikes so that together, you both can put together a wardrobe she’ll adore.