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Baby Powder

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Mothercare All We Know Baby Powder 150G


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Baby powders

Sweat makes your baby feel sticky and uncomfortable. Besides, if sweat stays on your child’s body for long, she could develop prickly heat. To reduce chances of perspiration build-up, apply baby powders on your child’s skin. Powders help minimize perspiration by keeping the skin dry. But you must be cautious while selecting baby powders. Your child’s skin is delicate, so opt for mild powders that are gentle on your child’s skin. Mothercare’s baby powders contain natural ingredients that nourish and protect your baby’s skin.

Child-safe baby powders

You wouldn’t give your baby anything that hasn’t been approved by a doctor. So why be callous about baby powders? Opt for powders that are dermatologically tested, so that you know that the powder won’t react with your baby’s skin. Mothercare’s baby powders have also been tested by midwives, who deal with new born babies closely. Additionally, opt for hypoallergenic baby powders, as they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction when applied on your baby’s skin. Another quality your child’s powder must have is that it should be super absorbent. This will ensure that the baby face powder absorbs the sweat on your child’s skin and keeps it sufficiently dry.

Uses of baby powders

You’ll be surprised at how versatile these powders are. Baby powders are great to keep rashes at bay, especially in the diaper area. Sprinkle generous amounts of the powder on your child’s bottom and thighs to avoid rashes caused by friction. Diaper rash powders also get rid of any wetness that might be there in the area. That’s why it’s a good practice to apply this powder before putting on your child’s diaper. Baby powders can safely be applied all over your child’s body, including her face. Apply the powder on sweat-prone areas like armpits and behind the knees for best results. However, ensure that old layers of baby cream and baby lotion have been washed off before applying baby powders. This will prevent skin pores from getting blocked or clogged. You could use baby wipes and tissues that are damp for quick wiping off creams or baby powder for rashes.

Essential skin care products for your baby

While you don’t need to have an arsenal of skin care products to keep your baby healthy, it’s good to have a few essential ones. Along with diaper rash powders, it’s also good to apply a baby body oil and baby massage oil on your baby. Body oils keep your child’s skin smooth and supple, while the massaging movements strengthen her body. It’s also good to have cleansing products that are gentle on your child’s skin, yet effectively rid her skin and pores of dirt. A baby hand cleansing gel is a great product to have as it can be easily applied to your child’s hands whenever they get dirty.

A hub for baby products

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