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Baby Swaddles

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Mothercare Lion Swaddle Multicolor


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Mothercare Essentials Swaddle Blue


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Mothercare Essentials Swaddle Grey


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Mothercare’s collection of baby swaddles

Mothercare’s bedding collection has everything that you could need to keep your little one cosy in those initial months. Our swaddles are made with 100% cotton and are suitable for your tiny new born’s delicate skin. Swaddling babies not only makes it easy for parents to carry them around but also soothes babies and helps them sleep longer. It is the most wonderful way to keep your little one safe, calm, and comfortable when done right. Mothercare brings you a range of wraps and blankets in multiple prints, designs, and colours for your baby.

The most snuggly baby swaddles online

Swaddled babies mean happy babies! People have been swaddling babies for years. Swaddling is known to promote healthy sleep and posture in babies and also relieves colic by applying light pressure to their bellies.

Our collection of wraps and blankets is most suitable for new born babies. They emulate a mother’s warm touch and cuddles. Mothercare’s wraps come in different sizes for babies that are just born to up to 36 months of age.

Our pack of two infant swaddles in blush pink and little bird prints in red, white, and pink are ideal for babies from birth to 3 months. The designs are proven to be safe for swaddling babies. It creates a secure womb-like environment for your little tot.

Two pack of essential swaddles will help your baby ease into the new environment. It is carefully designed without any velcro zips or studs which help ensure that it doesn’t irritate your little bundle of joy.

You can shop for our Mothercare exclusive swaddle pod suitable for babies from birth till they are two months old. It prevents the Moro startle reflects that can wake up your little baby from sleep. Made with elastane cotton mix that stretches with your baby’s every movement. A special zip cover protects your little one’s neck. Available in soothing prints in pastel colours like blue and yellow.

Mothercare’s swaddling clothes are made from bamboo viscose, the softest material for your baby’s skin. Our swaddles and quilts are made from the anti-bacterial and chemical-free fabric, it is safe for your precious little love.

Mothercare’s swaddling blankets

Our swaddling blankets are lovingly designed from soft cotton especially for swaddling new born babies till they are 14 weeks old. We have a variety of swaddling blankets with grey clouds, blue stars, and pink hearts. So, you can have a separate blanket for every purpose.

Mothercare’s organic swaddle wraps come in a pack of three, making them a perfect gift for all expecting mothers. They are multipurpose and can be used as a light blanket for strolls, a changing mat cover or a nursing and burp towel. They come in prints that would go perfectly with a colourful nursery, cloudy blue skies, jungle animals and teddy bears. You can easily differentiate your swaddle wraps if you are going to use them for different purposes. Our super breathable swaddling clothes let your baby stay comfortable in them despite having their tops & bodysuits or leggings and shorts on.

Snoozie Sleep bags by Mothercare

Sleeping bags ensure that your baby is warm through the night and doesn’t kick it off or get tangles in large bedsheets. They come in different sizes for babies up to 36 months of age. Our snuggly teddy snoozie is a very cute sleep bag with bear details embroidered on it with splashes of warm colours. It helps keep your baby warm during feeding and nap times. Dress your little ones in our breathable nightwear & sleepsuits before putting them in this wrap for a cosy night.

Other prints include our jungle snoozie sleep bag with prints inspired from the wild. All our snoozie bags should be machine washed at 40 degrees.

Our fancy fluff organic carry nest is an amazing multipurpose bag that can be used on the go as a changing station, sleeping bag and carry nest. It comes with a zip to instantly create a cosy sleeping environment for your baby. Go for our blue ‘handsome fella carry’ next for your handsome little man or our ‘pink little dreamer’ for your princess. These will make sure that your baby feels at home no matter where you are.