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Baby Bouncers

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Mothercare Elephant Bouncer Multicolor


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Mothercare Lion Bouncer Multicolor


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Mothercare Bear Bouncer Multicolor


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Mothercare Safari Bouncer Multicolor


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Joie Dreamer Petite City Baby Bouncer Grey


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Shop for Baby Bouncers at Mothercare

Whether you’re at home, moving from one room to another, or even on the go in your car, you want your sweet baby around you. In the first few years, it is difficult to be away from your li’l child, and you want your kid in your sight as much as possible. Besides wanting a functional way of taking your teeny baby from one place to another, you also want your tot to be entertained and having fun.

Mothercare has it all figured out, with their cool and convenient baby bouncers. The baby bouncers can be used by a small baby of six months right up to a child aged three years. The baby bouncer is designed to hold babies as they grow, and can easily hold a weight up to 13 kgs. So you can be rest assured that the bouncer is sturdy and strong. This way, not only are you purchasing a product that’ll last and assist your sweet kid for a while but is also easy on the pocket. This applies not only for our bouncers but also for our high chairs.

As for using the baby bouncer, it is crafted to be easy to use and has all the elements you could think of to keep your sweet angel comfortable. The seats of the bouncers are plush and padded and will keep the apple of your eye cushioned. The open top of the baby rocker allows you to access your tiny baby with the utmost ease. This ensures that you can seat and lift your little kid at a moment’s notice, without a fuss.

As for your little munchkin’s relaxation, the swings are created to rock your kid to and fro, with soothing movements. A little nudge from you or even a tiny movement from your baby can get the bouncer going. While your sweetheart is rocking and enjoying the gentle swaying of the chair, you can also convert the bouncer to remain stationary if need be. All you need to do is flip down the rocking foot, and you have a steady seat for your cutie to sit in. So while the rocking feature works perfectly for smooth surfaces, you can convert the rocker to a seat when you’re on the go, like in the car.

When it comes to your tiny tot’s comfort, you can’t go wrong with the bouncer at Mothercare. The seats come with adjustable features and can be set to three reclining positions, depending on what suits your li’l one. Even the leg rest is flexible and offers two positional options so your sweetheart can be well-rested.

Convenient and Entertaining Baby Bouncer and Rocker at Mothercare

When it comes to choosing walkers and bouncers, you always have your li’l champ’s entertainment in mind. You don’t want your happy baby crying because of boredom, right? With Mothercare’s bouncer, you won’t have to worry about that at all. The bouncers are embedded with vibration devices that vibrate soothing rhythms, to keep your tot calm and cheerful. And when it’s time to nap, the chairs also play melodious lullabies to induce your sleepyhead into a deep rest. There’s also a toy bar, which can be easily removed, and two toys to keep your playful tot engaged and excited.

As for the parents, Mothercare knows that the bouncers have to be secure and convenient to put your minds at ease. To ensure that your precious one is all bundled up and safe, the bouncers come with soft harnesses and a lower buckle cover. With these measures in place, your little kiddo will stay protected and sheltered.

Besides being safe, these bouncers are also super convenient. They are lightweight and are made to be portable, so you’re not weighed down by the product, itself. And when they’re not in use, it can easily be folded into a neat little package and stow them away on some shelf in your closet. In case you, or your tot, spill something on the seat, then you can simply remove it and give it a wash. Your bouncer will be as good as new.

With the baby bouncer chairs at Mothercare, you and your bundle of joy will enjoy your days to the fullest.