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Face masks are a must

For your care-free child, the on-going pandemic might seem confusing and scary. A full stop has been put to outings and outdoor playtime. Lessons have been shifted online, and suddenly your child is expected to wear a piece of fabric around the nose and mouth to step outdoors. It’s tough to explain to a child the full implications of the times we’re living in, but you can make their days a little more comfortable, safe and fun by ensuring that their well-protected at home and outdoors. By wearing high-quality face masks, your child is at reduced risk of contracting the virus through transference. Wearing a mask will also prevent your child from breathing in dust particles, and this will help her overall health.

The right face masks for your child

Given the current crises, it is important that your child wears a mask when stepping outdoors. However, your bundle of energy might find the mask to be a hindrance and protest its use. Side-step this problem by giving drab and dull masks a wide berth. Instead of a dull grey and blue monochrome one, opt for masks with a pop of colour. Mothercare’s masks for the face have been designed keeping children’s fun-loving nature in mind. Our masks feature vibrant colours like yellow, purple, green, red, and more. Plus, they are decorated with attractive animal prints, floral motifs, and polka dots. All our masks have three-layers, an anti-microbial finish and are made of soft, cotton knit fabric, which is gentle on your child’s skin. These work well as dust masks as well and can be washed in the machine for easy care. Plus, we know how fidgety children can be, so our masks feature elastic loops that can be easily slipped over your child’s ears. Pick a mask that matches the colour of your daughter’s hair accessories or clothes.

Making masks cool

As adults, we find wearing a mask annoying sometimes, and this feeling gets amplified in children. Your child might not like wearing a mask when she’s on a playdate or riding her bicycle in the park, but the fact is that she must. Make mask-wearing something your child looks forward to by making it a fashion accessory. Pick a top that has prints that match those on the mask. In winter, or on colder days, pair masks with complementing scarves or jackets. Or you could try a two-colour look where her outfit is in one colour while her accessories, mask, jacket, mittens, and gloves are in another colour.

Is it safe to order face masks online?

Yes, it is safe and convenient, but only if you opt for reputable brands. Like any other purchase, take care to see that you are purchasing the mask from an authentic vendor or a site that you trust. Mothercare’s masks are BFE, and PFE certified and are meant for use by the general public. The benefit of buying masks for the face online is that it cuts down the risk of transmission through contact or being amongst a crowd.

How to wear a face mask correctly?

Teach your child to correctly wear face masks so that she doesn’t contaminate the mask. It will also keep her protected while she ventures outdoors. Your son could pick masks to match his caps and hats. This way, your child will enjoy picking out her mask every day and keeping it on too. Also, explain to your child the importance of not taking out her mask in public or touching it with her hands. Masks for the face should fully cover the nose and mouth region and shouldn’t be pushed down to the chin or left to dangle from one ear. Here are some guidelines one can follow while wearing a mask: • Start off by cleaning your hands thoroughly. Wash your hands with soap or disinfect them with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. • After removing the mask from the box, check for damage in the form of holes and tears. • Determine which is the front side of the mask. This side should face away from you. Now check which part is the top side of the mask; this portion should rest over your nose. • When wearing a mask with ear loops, hold mask by the ear loops and place one loop over each ear. Do not touch the front side of the mask while doing so.

Face masks with glasses

Wearing face masks with glasses can be tricky. Spectacle lenses tend to fog up while sometimes, the mask’s ties don’t sit firmly behind your ears. This might make your child uncomfortable and want to get rid of the mask. Here are some things you can do to prevent the lenses from fogging up or the mask from slipping. To avoid the latter, try slipping the mask’s ties around the tips of your child’s spectacles instead of behind her ear. However, if the spectacles need to be taken off, you’ll first have to first take off the mask, so keep that in mind. To prevent the lenses from fogging up, place the top of the mask higher up your child’s nose bridge so that the rim of the spectacle’s rest above the mask. This will press the mask firmly against your child’s face and prevent warm breath from escaping and fogging up her glasses.

How to sanitize face masks?

It’s important to follow user guidelines that come along with the mask. Disposable masks are designed to be used only once. So do not allow your child to reuse a mask even if she’s tempted to. Reusable masks can be re-worn. However, they must be washed after every use. Wash the mask with a bar of gentle anti-septic soap and warm water. Do not wear masks that are damp. Always keep a couple of spare masks handy so that a fresh one can be immediately worn when needed. When taking off the mask, take care to not touch the front side of the mask. Store the mask in a plastic bag until it is washed. Dispose of the mask in a closed garbage bin if you notice signs of wear and tear.

Stay safe, stay happy

We at Mothercare are dedicated to improving the quality of our customers’ lives. We offer products that are essential and of good quality so that your and your child’s needs are met fully and without fault. Our masks too are of the highest standards and are designed to keep your child safe and healthy as she goes about her day in these strange times.