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Baby sippers

As babies grow older, they crave more independence. They start reaching out for spoons, want to sip from glasses and try eating by themselves. But their grip isn’t strong enough yet, and this leads to unwanted spillages. Here’s where Mothercare’s baby sippers come in handy. They are designed keeping in mind your child’s tiny fingers and gentle grip. Our baby sippers help your child feel independent as they are easy to hold and use.

Baby sippers for your growing baby

Babies grow up quickly. Just a moment ago, your little one was being fed from feeding bottles, and now, he wants to take things into his own hands. Support your child’s desire for independence by slipping a baby sippy cup into his hands. Use bibs or muslins to protect his clothes as he explores his ability to eat by himself. These transitional cups are ideal for babies who are four months old or older. Featuring ergonomic designs and a compact size, these baby sipper bottles and cups are easy for your child to grasp. Plus, they feature a lid to prevent the sipper’s contents from spilling out. Spouts or straws on these baby sippers help your child drink from them easily. Once your child is comfortable using his sippy cup, you can encourage him to try weaning plates and bowls.

What to look for in baby sippers

The ideal sippy cup prevents spillages and is extremely durable. This way, the sippy cup won’t sustain or create damage even if your child drops it. Baby steel sippers or ones made from durable plastic are ideal. Mothercare’s sippers are built to last and feature soft, silicone non-spill spouts. Our baby sipper bottles either come with a travel cover or can be flipped down so that it remains clean and hygienic, especially while you travel. To make your trip outdoors stress-free for you and your child, also ensure that you have soothers and pacifiers close at hand. Opt for baby sippers that have easy-grip handles or handles that can be dismantled for extra convenience. Ensure that your sippy cups are made from non-reactive materials as they are used to hold a range of liquids, like vegetable stock, buttermilk or are even used as a baby water sipper.

Care tips for baby products

Products that your child will be putting inside his mouth, like teethers and flexi spoons, should be cleaned with a lot of care. Always use clean water and gentle detergents. Wash baby food utensils with warm, soapy water and then rinse well. Items like feeding bottles or a baby sippy cup need to be sterilized frequently. Wash your hands before handling your baby’s dishes. Mothercare’s baby sippers can be easily washed in a dishwasher and are also microwave-safe.

Make feeding time fun

If your baby doesn’t feel comfortable, he’ll make a fuss to eat. That’s why it’s important to stock up on baby feeding products that appeal to your child. Mothercare offers a range of baby dishes that are designed keeping your child’s needs in mind. They feature vibrant colours and are made from safe materials to keep your child healthy and happy. Shop from our site now to add some fun to feeding time!