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Abracadabra Bunny Rattle Blue


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Mothercare Lovable Bear Fitted Cot Bed Sheets Beige Pack Of 2


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Shooting Star Snuggle Pod Wrap Pink

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Mothercare Essential Cot Bed Polka Dots Fleece Blanket Cream


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Shooting Star Squeeky Rattle Bunny

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Create a Cute and Comfortable Space for your Newborn with the Baby Nursery Furniture at Mothercare

No joy compares to welcoming a newborn into this world. You want the apple of your eye to have the best of everything when he/she arrives. From picking out warm and snuggly clothes and cute baby toys to finding diapers and wipes suitable for sensitive skin- you’ll go the extra mile to keep your little one happy and comfortable. Why should your tot’s nursery be any different? Setting up a nursery can help you transition into parenthood. It can also help you create a space tailor-made for a baby, including soothing colours and high quality secure furniture. At Mothercare, we understand the importance of a nursery in the lives of new parents and their babies. We make sure to house baby nursery furniture and products that will help you create a little wonderland to make your cutie feel right at home.

Choose from an Array of Baby Nursery Products at Mothercare

Instead of running from post to pillar trying to find the perfect picks for your baby’s nursery, step into Mothercare. We house everything you need to set up a functional and aesthetic nursery under one roof. Here are a few popular nursery items you’ll have no trouble locating in our store, both offline and online:


You can’t have a nursery without a crib, can you? Even if you plan for your baby to sleep with you during the night, a crib can help you train your little one for the future. However, your baby will wiggle, toss, turn, and crawl as he/she grows older. Keeping that in mind, you want to go for a crib that’s sturdy and sizeable. At Mothercare, we house cribs in a range of sizes at affordable price points. Our cribs also come with safety features like a wheel lock, strong railings, swing lock, and so on. Whether you want a classic baby crib with clean lines or a cutesy option featuring motifs and prints, we’ve got endless options for you.


If you’re investing in a crib, it goes without saying that you’ll also need a mattress that goes with it. At Mothercare, you can choose from baby mattresses that vary in size and are as comfortable as sleeping on a cloud. Made using the downiest filling and gentle fabrics, our mattresses cushion your cutie perfectly. While the soft quilted cover cradles your tot gently, the waterproof coating ensures the mattress lasts long despite bed-wetting, spills, or other mishaps.


Whether you want to jazz up your tot’s nursery or add an extra layer between your baby and his/her mattress, a bedsheet is a must. However, since a bedsheet comes in direct contact with your tot’s sensitive skin, it’s best to choose carefully. At Mothercare, we carry a range of baby bedsheets made from soft and gentle fabrics that are also hypoallergenic and perfect for your baby’s fragile skin. In an array of prints and colours, you’ll find options that complement your nursery, no matter your aesthetic.


Regardless of whether you’re bringing home your first baby or adding to a growing family, the smallness of a newborn never fails to astound. Choose a soft pillow that provides adequate support to protect your baby’s tiny and delicate head. When you shop at Mothercare, you can fill fluffy pillows that cushion your cutie’s head and neck with bolsters that offer extra support.


Your little one is more sensitive to changes in temperature than you’d imagine. To ensure that your baby is always warm and toasty, you need to choose comfortable baby blankets. At Mothercare, we carry blankets made from thick yet soft material that keep your tot snug as a bug without making him/her feel distressed. Available in a rainbow of colours and prints, you can also use our blankets to tie together the décor of your nursery.


While a mosquito bite would seem harmless to you, it can irritate your tot and cause him/her to fall ill. A great way to protect your baby from mosquitos and bugs is to install a net over the crib. At Mothercare, you’ll find nets that are perforated perfectly, allowing for ventilation but keeping insects out.

Shopping for Baby Nursery Items Online at Mothercare

At Mothercare, we understand that parenting a newborn can be as challenging as it is rewarding. To make shopping for premium baby care products easy, we allow you to peruse our entire catalogue online. Now, you can shop for your baby’s nursery from the comfort of your home by heading to our official website.