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Baby Feeding & Nursing Essentials

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Mothercare Elephant Non-Spill First Cup Multicolor


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Baby feeding essentials

Your new born baby needs the right kind and amount of nutrition to stay healthy. But your baby is fragile and depends on you to provide that nutrition. Make it easier for your little one to consume breast milk by stocking up on the right kind of nursing essentials. Mothercare has a range of products to make feeding your baby convenient and stress-free so that you know your tiny tot is eating enough and not sleeping on an empty stomach.

Functional baby feeding essentials

Babies need to be fed multiple times a day. Having feeding bottles handy can help ensure your baby receives a steady supply of breast milk or formula, whenever she needs it. Mothercare’s range of baby feeding essentials includes different types of feeding bottles to cater to your child’s needs. If your child likes to latch on to the entire nipple, opt for standard or narrow neck bottles. Wide neck feeding bottles are ideal for babies with a wider latch.

All our feeding bottles have a special tube and valve system for the health and safety of your baby. The system reduces the quantity of air swallowed by your child, preventing colic. Our bottles are also BPA-free and easy to hold. Swaddle your tot in warm towels and wrappers to ensure she isn’t feeling cold while eating. You could also keep a few muslins handy to wipe away milk spills or to clean her mouth while nursing. If your baby is crying and is reluctant to eat, wet diapers could be one of the reasons behind this behaviour. Ensure that your baby is feeling safe and comfortable as this will help her nurse better. Changing diapers often and sticking to a baby skin care routine can help avoid rashes.

Nursing essentials for stress-free feeding

Apart from having the right kind of feeding bottles, there is a range of assorted baby accessories and feeding products you could stock up on to make feeding your baby convenient. Mothercare offers products to help you clean feeding bottles and keep them warm and sterilised. Our cleaning brushes and liquids are made of child-safe materials and are easy to use. Though mild, they clean bottles thoroughly so that your child remains safe and healthy. Our bottle warmers and sterilisers are lightweight and efficient for easy portability. Mothercare’s range of breastfeeding essentials also includes formula dispensers, breast milk storage bags, squeeze feeders, silicone feeding bottle teats and powder milk containers.

Meet your growing baby’s needs

As your infant grows, her needs will change, and she will want more independence. Being able to predict your child’s needs will help you be better prepared to meet them. Children start wanting to eat by themselves at different ages, with some expressing this desire much earlier than others. When this happens, be prepares to swap breastfeeding essentials like feeding bottles and formula dispensers for sippers and weaning plates. These products help you child eat by herself, but also prevent spillages.

The other areas your child will desire change is in her toilet habits and personal grooming. When you’re child is able to sit upright by herself, commence toilet training by introducing her to a baby potty or toilet seat. You can also help your child enjoy more control during bath time. To achieve this, invest in durable bath plastics like a toddler tub and bath boxes. These are specially designed to accommodate your baby and are built to last. Some come with shower units to make bath time more fun. Your baby might also develop a liking for a specific shampoo, so look for baby hair care products that match her needs.

Your one-stop-shop for baby care

Your new born baby is vulnerable and depends on you entirely for nourishment, protection and care. While we know that no product can replace a mother’s love, we help you communicate that love by offering products you need to care for your baby. Mothercare offers a range of essential products for children of every age. So that at every age and growth stage, you can give your child exactly what she needs to grow into a healthy and strong individual.