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Hand sanitisers

The current scenario has made us realise how important it is to be hygienic. Simple habits like washing hands thoroughly and frequently can go a long way in keeping you safe and healthy. While this is true for adults, it is all the more so for children. Children are immensely curious and want to touch and hold everything they see. They aren’t squeamish about rolling in the mud, catching a weird-looking insect or even digging their noses. To make matters worse, they also put their fingers in their mouth, often without washing their hands if not being supervised by an adult. That’s why it’s important to always have a cleaning agent at hand. Hand sanitisers are easy for you and your child to use and can help keep her healthy and safe.

Benefits of using hand sanitisers

Washing with soap and water is the best way to keep your child’s hands clean. But there will be times when you don’t have access to these cleansing agents. That’s when hand sanitisers come to the rescue. They are effective and highly portable. This means that no matter where your child goes, a tiny bottle of cleansing gel can go along with her. Slip a bottle into her backpack or place it in the pocket of your baby carrier or pram for easy access. Hand sanitisers are also easy to use. Your tiny tot might find soaping and washing hands a little difficult to do, especially if the sink is at a height. But with hand sanitisers, she just has to add a few drops on gel on her hands and rub them together. Voila! Her hands are now germ-free.

Child-safe hand sanitisers

High quality ones kill germs and disease-causing pathogens. When looking for hand sanitisers, opt for ones that are suitable for your baby. Sanitisers that work for adults might be too harsh for your baby’s skin. Along with checking the price of a sanitiser, look for ones that are suitable for sensitive skin. Mothercare’s baby hand cleansing gel is hypoallergenic and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. It also contains natural ingredients, like avocado oil, to keep your baby’s skin moisturised. Soft, supple skin will prevent your child from developing rashes and chaffing marks. Apply it on your baby’s body and hair to keep her clean and feeling fresh.

How to shop for hand sanitisers online

Since your child’s health and safety are riding on these products, put in enough thought before buying then. Choose hand sanitisers sold by brands you trust. It’s an added benefit if the brand has a proven track record of making safe baby care products. Mothercare’s cleansing gels are clinically tested to ensure their effectiveness. They can safely be used on your new born baby as well. Our sanitiser prices are reasonable so that every baby can get the protection she needs. For an added layer of protection, you could also invest in cleansing baby tissues and wipes to clean delicate areas like you baby’s bottom and face.

How to properly use cleansing gels

To derive maximum benefit from your cleansing gel, follow user instructions shared by the manufacturer. Some hand sanitisers don’t need to be washed off. Simple pour a few drops of the liquid on your child’s hands and ask her to rub her palms together. Make sure that she’s cleaning all parts of her hands, including her fingertips and between her fingers. Your child might want to rush back into play mode but encourage her to properly clean her hands before doing so. Some cleansing gels need to be washed off. Use warm water to do so to prevent your child from developing a cold. When shopping for sanitisers online, pick ones that do not irritate your child’s skin. If the product is gentle on your child’s skin, she will be more willing to use it often and in the right manner.

Hygiene habits to instil in your child

The pandemic has made us revaluate our hygiene habits. Most of us have realised that we weren’t washing our hands as often as we should have been. It’s important that you follow good hygiene practices so that your baby learns to do the same. Inculcate in her the habit of washing her hands often and well. She should wash her hands with soap and water or hand sanitisers after a play session, a trip outdoors and before eating anything. Discourage her from touching her face if her hands aren’t washed. Daily baths and frequent changes of clothes are a must. If her skin is getting dry from all the washing, use a baby cream and baby lotion to moisturise her body. This will curb the urge to itch dry areas, and thereby, prevent contamination brought about by hand-contact.

Skin care essentials for your baby

Along with hand sanitisers, stock up on other products that will keep your child’s skin protected. It’s good to have a nourishing baby body oil and baby massage oil to care for your baby’s skin. Regular massages not only keep your child’s skin moisturised, but also improve flexibility and blood circulation. A relaxing massage can also help relieve anxiety so that your baby sleeps better. After massaging your baby, give her a warm bath. Wrap her in plush towels to warm and dry after a bath. Before you put on a fresh pair of clothes, sprinkle baby powder on your child’s skin to prevent diaper and heat rashes.

Complete baby care

Your little one is the apple of your eye and you want to keep her safe all the time. We at Mothercare understand this and offer a range of products that are designed to keep your child healthy. Our products are made from good-quality materials and go through multiple rounds of checks to ensure their safety and durability. Explore our website to shop for all kinds of baby essentials, from baby masks and outfits, to feeding and bathing supplies to travel gear. You’ll find all you need in one place, so that your shopping experience is enjoyable and effortless.