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Mothercare Manual Breast Pump White 150Ml


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Feeding Made Easy with Mothercare’s Breast Pumps

All new mothers need a great and comfortable breast milk pump to ensure that their baby always has mother’s milk available. Often it is difficult to find the time to breastfeed your baby. Regardless of whether you are a working mother or a stay at home one, a breast pump will become your best friend. Mothercare understands that you need a reliable and high-quality breast milk pump to bridge the gap between your busy schedule and your baby’s sleep schedule. We have a variety of pumps, both manual and electric to suit your needs.

Manual Breast Pumps by Mothercare

Our Mothercare manual breast pumps help new mommies to express milk by hand in an easy and gentle way. It is the most comfortable pump to use on your tender breasts and prevents any discomfort and soreness that can develop during the initial months. We also have the best quality nipple cream to help you through any woes. The inner cushion is made of super soft silicone to keep your breasts comfortable while pumping for long durations.

The pumps that are manual imitate the natural let down reflex of a new mother which makes pumping safe and comfortable. Our pumps are ergonomically designed that makes them easy to operate by hand. Since these pumps are hand operated, they do not require any batteries or electricity which means you can use it on the go at any time.

Our feeding pillow makes it very easy to feed while pumping. They are also much quieter than their electric counterparts and can be used even when your baby is asleep Mothercare’s manual pumps are portable, affordable and BPA free, which is everything that you need in a breast pump.

Electric Breast Pumps by Mothercare

If you are a working mother or have other little ones to take care of you need something that is a little quicker than a manual pump. Electric breastfeeding pumps are a great option for all busy moms who need more mobility while pumping. Although electric versions of breast milk pumps are more expensive than the manual ones, they come with loads of features that make a new mum’s life a little bit easier. So, if the breast pump price is not a concern, you can opt for an electric pump.

Our electric pumps have a compact, lightweight design and rechargeable batteries that makes them portable. Electric breast pumps also provide true mobility to mothers. You just need to hook it in your camisole or bra and pump on the go. So, even if you express milk several times in a day it is super easy for you to do so with an electric pump. You can also check out our breast pads to prevent any leakage after or before pumping.

They also provide a two-phase expression and double pumping which cuts your pumping time by half. This makes them ideal for working mothers who need to pump milk quickly in between work calls and meetings. Our feeding shawl collection is perfect to pump or feed on the go.

Most electric pumps also have a digital display, memory, and backlight to pump at night without the hassle of turning on the lights when you are sleepy. Our electric breast pumps are also BPA free making them equally safe for you and your baby. When you pump using Mothercare’s electric and manual pumps, you might need extra bottles and bags for storage. Our bottles & accessories section has all the bottles and bags you need to pump and store milk conveniently for your little one.