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Nothing is more important than your little one’s safety. That’s why you need an assortment of baby equipment to ensure that your baby is perfectly protected and comfortable no matter where you take them. Mothercare offers an expansive range of baby gear which includes top-quality walkers, carriers, car seats, high chairs, cradles, and more. Each item is created with functionality in mind, and also comes in a variety of styles. We carry products at a variety of price points to suit parents at absolutely any budget. So, get on the Mothercare website and pick up the best baby gear online.


Baby equipment for travel


When the time comes to take your newborn out into the world, ensure the most comfortable travel experience for both you and your child by investing in travel accessories like strollers, pushchairs, and prams. Strollers and prams make it easier for you to take a walk with your little one or even to run errands. Meanwhile, a good pushchair can help you rock your baby to sleep.


For your baby’s travel equipment, you can opt for a more modular design or you can go for a more compact look to suit your needs. Mothercare offers a wide range of baby gear for travel as well as travel accessories for you to choose from. Other than individual products, we also offer complete travel systems comprising a stroller and a pushchair. 


Another piece of newborn baby equipment that is a must-have is a car seat, which ensures maximum protection and comfort for your child while you travel. Many parents also choose to keep multi-position carriers in their cars in case they ever need to hold their baby while being hands-free.


Baby gear for home


Along with your travel gear, you will also need baby gear for your home like a high chair and a walker. A high chair is perfect for when you want to comfortably feed your little one while you prepare your own dinner at the stovetop. You can choose from Mothercare’s extensive range of high chairs, which come in a variety of beautiful colours and designs. 


When it comes to baby walkers, it is important to be careful which one you pick. Look for a walker that comfortably supports your toddler’s weight and allows them to get around the house easily with both their feet touching the ground. You also have to make sure that your child fits snugly in the walker so that they don’t fall over and injure themselves.


If you’d prefer a more stationary option, go for one of Mothercare’s premium baby bouncers and swings and keep your child smiling. A multipurpose baby rocker is a good option for parents on the go, you can also opt for a foldable option or even a multipurpose swing.


Baby tricycles 


As your child gets older, they will start to develop motor skills and it is your job as a parent to help them. A baby tricycle is the perfect way to introduce your little one to new ways to play. Mothercare carries baby tricycles in a diverse range of colours so that you can pick the one that makes your baby squeal with delight every time they get on it. We also have bicycles on our website for older children who might be ready to cycle without your help.