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Girls Full Sleeves Pyjama Set Rainbow Design-Multicolor


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Adidas Girls 3Stripes Adi t-Pants -Blue


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H by Hamleys Girls FULL LENGTH Dresses -Pack of 1-BEIGE MULTI

H by Hamleys

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Girls Shorts-Washed Denim


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Adidas Girls Essentials Linear T-Shirts-Red


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H by Hamleys Girls Shot Sleeves Dresses -Pack of 1-CREAM

H by Hamleys

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H by Hamleys Girls Full Sleeves jackets-Pack of 1

H by Hamleys

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adidas kids girls tights pack of 1- black adidas kids girls tights pack of 1- black

adidas kids girls tights pack of 1- black


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Girls Half Sleeves T-Shirt Text Print - Pack Of 3 - Multicolor


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Adidas Kids - Pants Female Printed-Pack Of 1-Blue


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H by Hamleys Girls Short Sleeves Dress Polo -Multicolor

H by Hamleys

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Adidas Girls Essentials Logo T-Shirts-Pink


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Girls Short Sleeves Top Sequin-Pink


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H by Hamleys Girls Full Sleeves tops -Pack of 1-Pink

H by Hamleys

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Girls Wear: It’s time to dress up!

Finding the right clothing is always a tall task for girls of all ages. Girls wear need to strike a right balance between comfort and cuteness whereas kidswear for girls have to be machine-washable as well as it will be easier to maintain. Kids will always want to flaunt their favourite colours and fantasy characters through their clothing, making it a taller task for their parents. With these factors in mind, let’s glance through different types of girl’s clothes from Mothercare.

Perfect bath robes are comfortable essential. Some may use to make their bathroom feel like a spa while for some use it is a part of their morning and evening routine. Top-quality materials can last for years. At Mothercare, women's robes have a variety of length options and can fall from anywhere from mid-thigh to ankle.

A girl can certainly not have too many dresses and jumpsuits for her wardrobe. Everyday demands a new one, whether it is an event or a party or even a small family gathering. Girls never like to repeat their clothing, and from Mothercare's variety of choices, they will always be up-to-date with the newest fashion and trends. Available in various colours, prints and patterns, your wardrobe will help you create style statements easily. Kids dresses for girls are also available in all colours, helping your daughter flaunt her favourite colours in public. At Mothercare, you will find some of the most adorable kids dresses for girls.

Buying Kidswear for girls

A girls wardrobe is never complete without jeans and leggings. If you are not able to decide on what to wear, a pair of jeans go well with anything you wear on top while leggings are considered the most prized item in a girls closet. At Mothercare, you will find jeans that will always keep you fashion trendy and leggings that will look like jeans from a distance but will have all the comfort of your stretch pants.

You will always find nightwear in a girl’s closet. When shopping for nightwear, one of the most important thing you need to consider is the material they are made of. We at Mothercare have nightwear made of 100% natural fabrics like cotton and linen, which are optimum choices as they are more breathable than synthetic materials. And with packs of two or three, you just cannot say no.

At Mothercare, you can explore and shop a wide range of sets and suits from our collection. Your daughter is sure to love the choices of colours and prints offered here. From sunshine playsuit to denim pinny dress to spotty tops and leggings set, the choices are endless.

Shorts and skirts are every girl's go-to clothing wear. Casual and comfortable wear that looks good wherever you are. There are some absolutely charming choices available from yellow ditsy floral ra ra skirt to denim button skirt to coral embroidered poplin shorts. The choices mentioned are just at the tip of the iceberg at Mothercare. With so many colours and choices, the options offered at Mothercare is every girl's paradise

Shopping for Girls Clothes made convenient at Mothercare

Get splashing with the latest girls' swimwear at Mothercare. When you look to add a new piece to your wardrobe, there will be some pieces that will not be worn often, and a swimsuit belongs to that category. So when it comes to choosing one, you need to get it right. And with the choices of different types of swimwear available in Mothercare, you can hardly go wrong. Ranging from bright to dark colours to different designs such as a floral swimsuit or a pink and gold polka dot swimsuit. Now girls are finding new ways to style their swimsuits, and there is no better place to start with other than Mothercare.

As valuable as a t-shirt is to a boy, a top is to a girl. Often girls clothes wardrobes are filled to the brim but still feel that they have nothing to wear. So you need to choose the right tops. And to choose the right tops, you need to have many options to choose from. And that is what Mothercare offers. A grey floral heart t-shirt for a family get together, a yellow frill hem broderie blouse for a party, a paradise beach club flamingo t-shirt for a nice walk in the summer, we have it all.

It is that time of the year where finding both stylish and practical outfits can be a bit of an issue. But those issues can be put away with the latest and trendy Mothercare winterwear. For all girls, style and image are everything, and we provide just that. With so many options ranging from full sleeves pink snowsuit fluffy catch patch to a full sleeves black white snowsuit dalmatian fluffy with novelty hood, we at Mothercare promise to bring a smile on every girl's face even during the coldest and harshest of winters.

With so many different choices in every category, we at Mothercare always look to deliver the best collections that can and should be added to your wardrobe.