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Joie Alphabet Mimzy Snacker Baby High Chair Multicolor


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Once your little one is out and about, exploring the world with curious eyes and a wondrous smile, you want to be a part of every experience. Be it your angel’s first steps, or smile, or even a magical giggle, you want to witness it all. So why should meal-time be any different, right? After all, having meals together is said to strengthen the bond between families.

At Mothercare you’ll find baby high chairs, that’ll let your li’l munchkin sit at the table, and enjoy a meal with you. These baby chairs are perfect for a small baby of six months, up to a growing one of three years. So, you can happily say that even when your kid was a baby, you always enjoyed meals together.

These baby chairs and swings are adjustable and can accommodate your child’s growing body. The height of the seat and the footrest position can all be changed as your tiny tot grows. So, you’ll be making a purchase that’ll last for a while, and give you value for your money.

Mothercare develops these chairs keeping all the aspects of eating with a small kid in mind. Not only does the frame of the baby chair bring your baby close to you during lunch or dinner, but its open design lets you pick up and seat your cutie with ease. In case you’ve decided to eat in another room of the house, then that’s completely doable. The large wheels also allow you to maneuver the chair form one room to another, just like a walker.

And as for eating, your baby will enjoy more than ever, without any fuss or crying. The seats on the chairs are so cushiony and comfy, that your sweetheart will happily sit there and eat some baby food. They also come in cute patterns and prints, with cutesy characters and entertaining shapes, to keep things fun. So if baby entertainment is on your mind, then these chairs are prefect for you and the apple of your eye. The baby chairs come with a food tray that also adjusts to accommodate babies of all shapes and sizes. Not only that, but there’s an added snack time tray, to keep all the munchies from spilling out and making a mess. Serving food to the little light of your life has never been easier!

And if you’re worried about your little champ sliding off, then don’t be. Mothercare ensures that their baby high chairs are designed to be completely safe, with soft harnesses to keep your baby secure. These harnesses are also present on our bouncers.

Convenient High Chairs for Kids at Mothercare

While the high chairs at Mothercare are perfectly designed for your baby’s meal-times, they’re also created to be convenient for parents. If you are concerned that these baby’s sitting chairs will take up room, and get in the way when not in use, then Mothercare has already addressed your worry. These chairs can be folded into a small package and put away behind a cupboard, or in a hidden nook of your home. You won’t even realize it’s there till it’s time to feed your tiny one. You can also place the tray at the back of the chair, so all the pieces stay together, and you won’t misplace any part. No more scrambling to look for bits and bobs; everything you require will be in one place.

And when it comes to keeping things clean, you’ll have no issues with these chairs. Mothercare provides inserts for the trays. These inserts are skid-proof, so no matter how playful your li’l darling is, there will be minimal spillage. Besides, the inserts also double as placement mats, making the set-up look quite neat.

The tray itself is oversized and can be cleaned super easily. With no small nooks and crannies to clean up, the tray will be spick and span in no time. And in case your baby spills some baby formula or soft peas on the seat, then you can easily wipe it down, and it’ll be as good as new. Mothercare cares for your little tot’s comforts, as much as it does for your convenience. These chairs will mark the beginning of the wonderful tradition of eating together as a family.