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Girls Bath Robes

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Baby bath robes

Your baby is experiencing a lot of firsts. It’s important that these new experiences are made enjoyable so that your child feels positive about them all her life. There are many ways to make bath time fun. Adding toys to your kid’s bathtub or using an animal-shaped soap will keep her entertained when in her tub. Make exiting the bath tub a comfortable experience by wrapping your little one in baby bath robes that keep her dry and warm. That way, she will enjoy stepping out of the tub just as much as she likes stepping in.

Snug baby bath gowns

The minute your baby leaves the comfort of her warm tub, her body is exposed to the cold air. This not only makes her feel uncomfortable but also increases her chances of catching a cold. For herhealth and safety, keep her body protected when she exits the bathtub or swimming pool. Snug baby robes and bath towels will help dry her body and keep her warm. Mothercare’s range of bath accessories include high-quality towels and bath gowns made of soft fabrics like cotton and flannel. Their highly absorbent materials dry your child’s body quickly and completely. These towels and bath robes can be easily machine washed as they do not lose their softness or texture even after multiple washes.

Stylish baby bath gowns and towels

Mothercare offers a range of cute bath garments for your child. Our swaddle towels protect your baby from head to toe since they come with attached hoods, foot pockets and flaps to keep your baby snug inside the towel. Their animal theme-based designs make your child feel like she is being embraced by a friendly unicorn, duck or teddy bear. Our fireman themed towel is something your son might love. Some of our swaddle towels come with bath mitts to make bath time extra fun. If your child like garments that allow him to move freely, opt for our bath ponchos. Or, you could pick our waffle towels that are long enough to cover your child’s body completely. Our flannel towels come in different sizes are ideal for use on your baby’s face and body. Babies dislike being wet for long durations, so along with having the right towels, ensure that you have sufficient diapers for frequent changes. Stock up on high-quality bath plastics like bathtubs, bath seats and boxes for increased convenience and safety.

Baby robes and bath time essentials

To keep bath time interesting, stock up on a good mix of bath toys, baby skin care products, towels and robes. That way, your baby can pick her bath time-buddies to match her mood. Also, opt for hair care that are gentle on her skin. This will prevent her eyes from getting irritated every time she has to wash her hair. Having the right baby care accessories is essential as it makes your baby feel comfortable, while also making your work effortless. It also aids toilet training and motivates your child to learn to bathe by herself. We at Mothercare offer all that’s needed to make your parenting journey enjoyable. Look at our Baby feeding and nursing essentials if you’re looking to make feeding time extra fun.

A hub for baby essentials

If your baby’s needs are met adequately, she’ll stay happy and calm. Mothercare helps you give your baby all that she needs by offering a range of baby care products, baby outfits, gear and lots more. Take your pick from our expansive range of items and help your child have a happy childhood.