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Baby Feeding & Weaning Essentials

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Mothercare Fresh Food Feeder Multicolor


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Mothercare My K Dribbler Baby Bibs Multicolor Pack Of 3


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Mothercare Twist And Lock Suction Bowl Set Blue


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Mothercare First Tastes Weaning Bowl Set Pink


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Pigeon Bottle & Food Warmer White


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Mothercare Second Stage Feeding Kit Blue


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Mothercare Non-Spill Trainer Baby Sipper Blue 260Ml


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Mothercare Star Wars Baby Bibs Multicolor Pack Of 3


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Mothercare Easy Pop Freezer Pots Pack Of 4 Large


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Mothercare Non-Spill Toddler Cup Pink 340Ml


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Mothercare Easy Pop Freezer Pots Multicolor Pack Of 6 Small


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Mothercare Bear &Amp; Friends Baby Bibs Grey Pack Of 2


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Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup Green 296Ml


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Buy baby feeding accessories online at Mothercare

As your child gets older and starts exploring the world, they will want to become more independent and do things on their own. Most kids start by moving from being fed to eating on their own. As your little one begins to develop and test their motor skills, it’s important to give them the right feeding accessories so that they enjoy eating on their own.

Mothercare carries a wide range of baby feeding essentials and baby weaning accessories to help your baby live a happy and comfortable life. We strive to bring you the best baby and maternity products at affordable prices, including teethers, sippers, spoons, soothers, bibs, and lots more.

You will find all kinds of weaning essentials in our collection, each one made with your child’s active lifestyle in mind. Our products come in a wide range of colours, designs, and price points. So, no matter what baby products you’re looking to buy, Mothercare’s catalogue will surely have something for you.

Premium sippers and bottles

Sipper cups are extremely beneficial for babies as they learn to regulate the amount of milk, water, or juice they want to drink. This is a great item for little ones who are being weaned off baby bottles and moving towards cups and glasses. Mothercare carries an expansive range of baby sippers, including our Tommee Tippee Toddler sipper cup that comes in a variety of colours. If you’re looking for more variety, you can opt for a 3-pack of sipper cups. These packs are available in different colours and designs, as well as different sizes.

Utensils and crockery sets

As your baby learns how to eat on their own, give them their own adorable crockery set to eat out of. The Polka Tota eco-friendly lion print crockery set from Mothercare comprises a sectioned plate, bowl, mug, and cutlery to make mealtimes even more fun. You can even go for an adorable owl print, or other kid-friendly motifs like flamingos, trucks, elephants, and more. Our baby crockery sets are made of sustainable bamboo fiber, a durable material that is extremely safe for your child too.

Bibs and burping cloths

When your baby is learning how to eat on her own, it can be a messy affair. So, it’s a good idea for parents to have a multitude of bibs and burping cloths to clean up any spills. Mothercare carries many different colours and designs of bibs for you to choose from, as well as convenient multi-packs of bibs for both boys and girls. Check out the Mothercare Toddler Crumbsnatcher bibs and burp cloths from our website, available in packs of two or three. It’s a good idea to purchase a multi-pack of bibs for your child so that you always have a clean bib handy to wipe up spills.