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Feeding Pillows

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Mothercare Ultimate Feeding Pillow White


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Mothercare Multi-Purpose Feeding Pillow White


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Fancy Fluff Feeding Pillow Blue


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Rabitat Snoozearctic Woodland Baby Lounger Blue


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Rabitat Snooze Desert River Baby Lounger Multicolor


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Rabitat Magnolia Breezy Nursing Pillow Multicolor


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Feeding pillows

After nine months of waiting, your little one is here. She loves being close to you as it makes her feel warm and protected. Breastfeeding your baby will help you bond with her while also providing her with the nourishment she needs to stay strong a healthy. But you’ll have to nurse your baby several times a day. Constantly cradling your baby in your arms can lead to aches and pains. Feeding pillows help relieve the discomfort by supporting your baby as she feeds. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can opt for one that suits your needs. Mothercare offers a range of feeding pillows for you to choose from.

Functional feeding pillows

With the right type of pillow, you and your baby will feel comfortable during the feed. Mothercare’s feeding pillows are designed to fit in your lap so that you can place your baby on the pillow as you feed her. They also feature a curved shape to support your baby and secure her in one angle. The ties at the end of the breastfeeding pillow allow you to adjust the breadth and depth of its centre. Our pillows are made of soft cotton and are safe for your child’s delicate skin. It’s easy to keep our baby feeding pillows clean as they are machine washable. It’s important to pick pillows that are easy to clean so that it doesn’t become a burden. Keep this in mind when shopping for a feeding pillow online. We also have a 2-in-1 pillow that doubles up as a maternity pillow. These pillows alleviate back, neck and joint pain when you sleep.

Benefits of feeding pillows

Although you might love to carry your baby in your arms, doing so frequently will lead to arm, back and neck pain. You might experience muscles soreness or cramps, which can cause a lot of discomfort. Feeding pillows take the strain of your arms as they hold your baby in the right angle as you feed her. By resting your baby against the pillow, you can also let her self-feed. A breastfeeding pillow can also be used to support your baby during play time. If they do not have a gap in the centre, like our lounger pillows, they can double up as a comfortable napping space for your baby. Our lounger pillows also make for great nursing pillows because they come with a removable waterproof sheet. Plus, use this pillow as a post partum pillow to let your body relax and unwind as it acquaints itself to life’s new pace.

Nursing essentials

Along with a breastfeeding pillow, you can stock up on a few additional maternity care items to have comfortable feeding sessions. Breast pads and wipes will prevent chaffing and keep your nipples moisturised. The right kind of feeding equipment, like bottles, formula holders, sterilisers and feeding pumps will make feeding your baby stress-free. It’s also good to invest in a gliding chair so that you can sit comfortably as you nurse your baby. When buying a breastfeeding pillow, opt for one that can double up as a maternity pillow as well.

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