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Childrens Quilts and Blankets

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Shooting Star Snuggle Pod Wrap Pink

Shooting Star

₹ 1,999.00

Shooting Star Snuggle Pod Wrap Cream

Shooting Star

₹ 1,999.00

Mothercare You Me &Amp; The Sea Jersey Blankets Blue Pack Of 3


₹ 2,399.00 ₹ 2,999.00 20% Off

Mothercare Flutteryby Jersey Blankets Pink Pack Of 3


₹ 2,219.00 ₹ 3,699.00 40% Off

Mothercare On The Road Coverlet Blue


₹ 1,749.00 ₹ 3,499.00 50% Off

Mothercare Essential Cot Bed Polka Dots Fleece Blanket Blue


₹ 1,399.00 ₹ 1,999.00 30% Off

Shooting Star Fleece Baby Blanket Blue

Shooting Star

₹ 1,359.00 ₹ 1,699.00 20% Off

Shooting Star Fleece Baby Blanket Light Pink

Shooting Star

₹ 1,359.00 ₹ 1,699.00 20% Off

Abracadabra Chamois Blanket Blue


₹ 1,299.00

Shooting Star Snuggle Pod Wrap Blue

Shooting Star

₹ 1,999.00

Mothercare Lion Swaddle Multicolor


₹ 1,499.00


Quilts and blankets for children at Mothercare

Is your baby a finicky sleeper? Do they toss and turn uncomfortably and keep you up at night? Make sleep more comfortable with a good quality children’s blanket from Mothercare. Check out Mothercare’s wide range of children’s quilts, each one designed to help your baby enjoy a sound sleep. We strive to bring you the best quilts for children at affordable prices, but we also offer swaddles and children’s coverlets. With an expansive and exclusive range of baby and maternity products, you can find everything you need to keep your child warm and cosy through the night. Each of the products in our catalogue is made with your child’s lifestyle in mind. You can pick baby bed linen in a range designs, colours, and price points. No matter what baby products you’re looking to buy, Mothercare’s catalogue will have the solution.

Mothercare snuggle pods

Made with comfy velour and lightweight cotton lining, Mothercare’s snuggle pods are the best way to keep your little one warm, swaddled and comfortable. Each snuggle pod is made with a cushioned headrest which is perfect for daytime naps at any time. They are extremely portable and help your baby sleep comfortably no matter where she is. You can buy Mothercare’s snuggle pods in a variety of colours, from an adorable blue to a soothing pink.

Cotton and knitted blankets for children

A good quality blanket is the difference between a good night’s sleep and being restless all night. Consider Mothercare’s range of blankets for children, available in thin and lightweight cotton as well as heavy and warm knit materials. The essential cotton swaddling blanket from Mothercare, for instance, is a great choice for your baby if you live in a hot and humid climate. Meanwhile, Mothercare’s cot bed fleece blankets are perfect for colder and drier weather.

Fancy fluff organic swaddle wraps

If you are looking for a quick and fool proof way to improve your baby’s sleep, check out Mothercare’s organic cotton fabric swaddles. The breathable and cotton-rich fabric will prevent your child’s skin from getting irritated and developing rashes. Adorned with adorable animal prints, these lightweight and breathable swaddle wraps can also be used as stroller blankets, changing mat covers, burp towels and nursing towels as well.

Mothercare teddy toy box presentation nest

As your little one meets their friends and family members for the first time, they need a comfortable and cosy cocoon to keep themselves warm. Mothercare’s premium presentation nests are designed to make your little one shine, while helping her stay snug. These nests come in a variety of colours, styles, and patterns. While this product is good for play dates and family visits, your baby will best enjoy her nap time on our baby cots.

Buy multipacks of baby blankets online

If you’re looking to save time and energy shopping for quilts and blankets, opt for a multipack of our blankets for kids. For instance, a three-pack of Mothercare’s confetti party jersey blankets is perfect for parents who are looking for functional blankets at an affordable price point. Comprising three cotton jersey blankets with soothing floral prints, these comfortable quilts will help your baby fall asleep quickly and enjoy undisturbed sleep all night.

Premium baby and maternity products at Mothercare

Mothercare is a one-stop shop for all your baby and maternity product needs. Not only do we carry a wide collection of kid and baby products, but we also carry baby skincare, bath products, toys, shoes, nursery furniture and a whole lot more. We understand that parenting is a full-time job with no breaks, so our website allows you to order all our products online. Shop our products, including our blankets for children online and have them delivered to your doorstep.