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Baby Toothpaste And Toothbrush

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Mothercare Baby Toothbrush Starter Set Blue Pack Of 3


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Nuby Oral Care Set Blue


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Nuby Oral Care Set Pink


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Buy baby toothbrush and toothpaste at Mothercare

Keeping your child’s dental hygiene in check is a necessary and easy process for better tooth development. As a parent, you need to use the right baby toothbrush and toothpaste for kids in order to gently clean their teeth, tongue, and gums.

We, at Mothercare, understand this and offer a range of toothpaste for babies and toothbrushes that will help you keep your little one’s mouth protected in the early stages of tooth development. With a passion for baby and maternity products, we offer items that have been specifically designed with your little one’s comfort in mind. You can find baby finger brushes and tongue cleaners in our catalogue, in addition to baby toothpaste and more. You can also check out Mothercare’s expansive and exclusive range of other baby and maternity products, comprising clothes, shoes, nursery essentials, health essentials, and more. We cater to a wide variety of families, showcasing a variety of designs, colours, and price points. No matter what maternity products you’re looking to buy, Mothercare’s catalogue will have the solution.

Products to add to your dental care kit

Toothbrush: Check out our wide range of kids toothbrushes and finger toothbrushes for babies at Mothercare. This is the first and most important step in your little one’s dental routine, as brushing takes care of all the food particles, tartar build-up, and germs that accumulate in your baby’s mouth daily.

Toothpaste: You can find a myriad of brands and flavours of toothpaste in Mothercare’s catalogue, ranging from Chicco’s strawberry toothpaste for kids to the Pigeon fruit punch toothpaste for kids. The yummy flavours make brushing all the more fun, and something that your child will look forward to every morning and night.

Tongue cleaner: Tongue health is just as important as dental care because all bad breath issues begin there. To avoid this issue, check out the Farlin tongue cleaner in pink from Mothercare. Not only is it supported by medical and technological expertise, but also an ultra-soft and streamlined design.

Premium baby and maternity products at Mothercare

Mothercare is a one stop shop for all your baby and maternity product needs. Not only do we sell dental care products for children, but we also carry baby clothing, skincare, bath products, toys, shoes, nursery furniture and a whole lot more. You can walk into one of our stores, or check out our website to browse our catalogue of baby and maternity products. We understand that parenting can be all-consuming, so our website allows you to order all our products seamlessly and conveniently to your home.