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Baby shampoos

A daily bath keeps your baby healthy and feeling fresh. Just as you need to wash your little one’s body regularly, you also need to focus on cleaning her hair thoroughly. But not any shampoo will do, because commercial-grade ones may contain chemicals that irritate your child’s skin. Pick good-quality baby shampoos that are designed keeping your child’s delicate skin in mind. Mothercare’s range of hair care products include shampoos that are gentle and contain natural oils. These baby shampoos not only clean your baby’s scalp and hair but also nourish them.

Enriching baby shampoos

When it comes to cleaning their babies, every mother wants to use the gentlest of products. We at Mothercare understand this and take extreme care while formulating our baby creams and baby lotions. The same amount of attention is paid to our baby shampoos for hair to ensure that they don’t harm but boost your baby’s hair. Our shampoos have a tear-free formula to keep bath time enjoyable, plus our baby shampoos are enriched with natural ingredients and oils. This help strengthen and moisturize your child’s hair. This is why our shampoos are one of the best baby shampoos around. They are safe to use on all hair types and are ideal for new born babies and toddlers. When washing your child’s hair with baby shampoos, keep a pack of baby wipes and tissues handy so that you can quickly clean your child’s eyes if a bit of lather were to enter them.

Baby shampoos and body essentials

To care for your baby’s skin well, ensure that you have all the right products. Along with baby shampoos and soaps, invest in a good baby body oil and baby massage oils. These oils moisturize your child’s skin so that it stays smooth and supple. While smooth skin feels great to the touch, it also helps keep chaffing and rashes at bay. Another great way to prevent rashes is by sprinkling generous amounts of baby powder on your child. This will keep her skin sufficiently dry and prevent rashes caused by friction. It’s also extremely important to keep your baby’s hands clean. Babies are curious and want to touch everything they see. But they also have a habit of putting their fingers in their mouth, so it’s important that you clean their hands often and well. A mild baby hand cleansing gel will clean your baby’s hands without drying out her skin.

Tips for washing your baby’s hair

Babies love water but may not like it when it trickles down their face. That’s why some babies disklike getting a hair wash. Along with using gentle and safe children shampoos, here are a few things you can do to make hair washes enjoyable. Keep hair washes for the end of the bath. Let your child play with her toys in the bathtub, so that she enjoys bath time, and once she’s her happy self, gradually move into washing her hair. It’s also important to use water that is warm, not hot as the latter will dry out your child’s skin. When rinsing your child’s hair, tilt her head back and use one hand to shield your baby’s eyes.

Hair care at your fingertips

We at Mothercare want you and your baby to be proud of her luscious locks. That’s why our hair care range includes high-quality hair oils, sprays and shampoos. Our hair products and baby shampoo prices are reasonable, so that comprehensive hair care is accessible to every baby.