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Mothercare Essential Foam Cot Mattress White


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Mothercare Square Foam Core Mattress White


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Baby mattresses for all at Mothercare

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping. That’s why it’s good to invest in a baby mattress that’s comfortable. Ones that are too soft or too hard can lead to disturbed sleep. Mothercare offers a range of baby mattresses to help your baby have a good night’s sleep. We understand how big a role sleep plays in your child’s development. That’s why our baby mattresses feature sleep-enhancing features. They come in a variety of styles and materials. You can opt for a baby mattress that suits your baby’s needs.

Every product in Mothercare’s range of newborn baby mattress is made with your little one’s comfort in mind. We use soft, breathable and baby-safe materials in all our products, which will never irritate your child’s delicate skin or cause any discomfort. Our focus on quality and comfort ensures that your little one will sleep through the night on a baby mattress from Mothercare. You can also find a plethora of other bedtime essentials for your little one at Mothercare, from baby cot mattresses to bedding, pillows and more. We also carry adorable nightwear and pyjamas for children on our website, which you can shop from a Mothercare store near you as well.

A variety of baby mattresses

Sleeping furniture differs from house to house. Some nurseries might have a moses basket or snuggle pod. Or your baby might prefer sleeping in a crib as opposed to a cot. We offer baby mattresses to suit all kinds of sleeping furniture. We have a cot bed and lightweight travel mattresses. You could pick a baby mattress designed to fit in a crib or a moses basket. If your child like a mattress, you’ll want it to last long. Pairing your baby mattress with a mattress protector will help increase its lifespan. These are waterproof and easy to clean, preventing the mattress from being soiled by stains and dirt. You could also opt for baby mattress sets that come with a baby cot sheet and crib sheet, duvet or comforter.

Buy baby mattress online in fun colours and designs

Your little one should be surrounded by vibrancy, colour, and patterns to keep them engaged and entertained. This applies even to their choice of mattresses. If you want your child’s bedding to have a dose of fun infused in it, go for a mattress in a fun colour or pattern. The Mila Baby Dino Dazzle Chevron Mattress is blue is a great choice for parents who like visual interest without overkill. This piece is ideal for boys and girls alike. The Mila Baby mattresses are also available in a beautiful pink and a neutral grey colour.

Comfortable baby mattresses

Every baby is different. Some might like a springy baby mattress; others might prefer ones that are more stable. We at Mothercare offer a variety of baby mattresses. Our spring mattresses feature fibre-covered coils for a bouncy effect. They are perfect new born baby mattresses as they also have a waterproof layer to keep your baby dry if she accidentally wets the bed. Our travel baby mattress is made of cotton and can be used anywhere. Line your baby’s pram with it to keep her snug in colder months, or drape it across the couch for an afternoon nap. Our foam baby mattresses provide ample support to your baby’s back and neck. This will save her from backaches caused by bad sleeping postures. When shopping for a baby mattress online, choose ones that can be wiped clean. Change the bed sheet often to maintain hygiene. Pick ones that completely cover the baby mattress so that your child doesn’t kick it off in her sleep.

Sleeping essentials for you baby

Along with a baby mattress, invest in fluffy comforters to keep your child warm. You could opt for baby bedding sets that come with such functional additions like a mosquito net to prevent insect bites. Comfortable baby pillows are a must to help your child sleep peacefully. Opt for ones in colours that match the baby mattress on your child’s bed.

Nursery essentials for your baby

Apart from a baby mattress or a baby mattress set, you can also shop for a range of sleeping essentials from our website. You can adorn your baby’s nursery with all the items they will need to be comfortable, be it blankets or the perfect playpen or cot for your child. We even offer other items that you can put in your child’s nursery, from toy storage and nursery furniture to toys and diapers.