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Baby Cupboard

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Mothercare Harrogate Baby Storage Cabinet Almond


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Mothercare Lulworth Wooden Storage Cabinet White & Oak


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Baby cupboards

When you welcome a new baby home, be prepared to also welcome a lot of additional items, from baby furniture to dozens of diapers and more. Keeping your home neat and tidy will be a challenge if you don’t have sufficient storage space. Baby cupboards can help get rid of the clutter. Use them to store all your baby products and essentials so that the nursery remains spick and span. Mothercare offers a variety of cupboards for you to choose from. They are built to last and offer ample storage space.

Baby wardrobes

Wardrobes make for great nursery accessories because they utilize wall space, leaving more room for your baby to play. When buying a baby wardrobe online, ensure that you pick one that’s sturdy and spacious so that your child can continue using it as she grows. Mothercare’s cupboards will serve your child for years to come. Our cupboards feature a range of storage combinations so that you can pick an option that works best for you. All our wardrobes feature a hanging rail, fixed and adjustable shelves, plus drawers for maximum storage. The ample, spacious compartments are ideal for storing diapers, clothes, toys, towels, books and more.

Stylish baby wardrobes

Our wardrobes are designed to fit seamlessly into your nursery’s décor. They come in shades of white to complement the room’s colour scheme. In style, they mimic adult wooden wardrobes so that your child feels like she has a proper place to store her possessions. Their sleek, urban design make them an ideal fit for contemporary homes. Furniture and accessories that aren’t bulky and do not take up much space indoors are a saving grace, as they make your home feel spacious. When shopping for a baby cupboard online, or other storage furniture, opt for units that have soft-close hinges and drawer slides. This will help keep the atmosphere indoors, calm and noise-free.

Nursery essentials

A well-set up nursery feels great to enter. Make it a room your child loves to spend time in by investing in the right pieces of furniture. Must-haves in your child’s room are baby cots and beds that are comfortable. Teaching your child to sleep by herself goes a long way in making her feel independent. You could opt for a bed set if you also need pillows, blankets and bed sheets. Another item you must have is a baby bather or tub to make bath time fun. Invest in a good bath robe to keep your baby warm after a bath or massage. A changing unit, toy box and toddler seat are other items that will make your parenting journey enjoyable and stress-free.

Complete baby care

Help your baby grow into a strong, confident individual by providing her with all that she needs. Mothercare offers baby essentials needed for every growth phase, right from the time your baby is born till she heads off the school. Explore our website to shop for outfits, feeding supplies, strollers, potty seats and lots more.