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Baby Carriers

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Mothercare 4-Position Baby Carrier Black


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Baby carriers

Errands don’t stop with the arrival of a baby. But it becomes challenging to fulfill them if you have no one to watch over your little one while you’re away. In times like these, baby carriers become your best friend. With their help, you can comfortably carry your baby with you wherever you go. Plus, you’ll have your hands free to shop, carry bags or even sip a cup of coffee for a much-needed break. Mothercare offers some of the best baby carriers in India to help make your parenting journey enjoyable and comfortable.

Stylish and functional baby carriers

New-age parents like to dress well and have an active social life. That’s why our baby carriers are designed to look smart and elegant. You can confidently sport them to the mall or to a party. If you’re the adventurous sort, strap your baby in and take her on a camping trip with you. These baby sling carriers won’t let you down. Designed for utmost comfort, our carriers are sturdy and feature an ergonomic design. They keep your baby in a natural sitting position while a wide, soft baby carry belt holds your baby firmly in place. The padded interiors provide sufficient support for your baby's back and neck, while the padded straps protect your shoulders from chaffing. Our baby sling carriers are made from breathable fabrics to keep them airy and perspiration-free.

Multi-use baby carriers

We at Mothercare understand that children love to be held, and so our carriers are designed to hold newborn babies as well as older children up to 15 kg. These baby slings allow your baby to be carried in two, three, and four positions. This kind of flexibility allows you to attend to a range of chores. Keep baby carriers and your baby in the right position depending on her age and what she enjoys. The front-facing inward position is ideal for newborn babies. With their face nestled against your chest, they feel safe and warm. From three months onwards, you can switch your baby to the front-facing outward position. This will give your little one the chance to appreciate the sights around him as you go about your work. You can wear baby carriers on your back like a rucksack once your child is around 6 months of age. This goes for the hip position too. Apart from baby carriers, it makes sense to invest in car accessories designed for babies as well. These will keep your baby safe as she enjoys her car rides.

Safety is key

With the wide range of baby gear and baby slings available today, neither you nor your baby has to be confined indoors. With the right accessories, both you and your baby can have an active life. Car seats should be installed to help you babysit comfortably. They can be removed and washed when needed. You could also hang a cute ‘baby on board’ sign to let fellow riders and drivers know that you have a child traveling in your vehicle.

Happy baby, happy parent

Parenting becomes all the more special when you see how much your child enjoys your company and care. Mothercare provides you with all that you need to make your baby feel comfortable and protected so that your child fully enjoys her days.