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Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths

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Mothercare Silicone Crumbcatcher Bibs Pink Pack Of 2


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Mothercare Boys Space Dribbler Multicolor Pack Of 3


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Mothercare My K Dribbler Baby Bibs Multicolor Pack Of 3


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Mothercare Spring Flower Newborn Bibs Pink Pack Of 3


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Mothercare Heritage Floral Bibs Pink Pack Of 2


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Mothercare Bear &Amp; Friends Baby Bibs Grey Pack Of 2


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Shop for the Perfect Baby Bibs at Mothercare

Feeding time is so much fun when you have a small baby. You get to prepare wholesome meals, be it mushy peas or mashed potatoes, and watch as your li’l one cutely enjoys the food. But as a mom, you know that it’s also a messy affair. Your sweetheart is still too small to gulp down the food properly, and most of it ends up on the clothes. So, how do you keep your teeny child clean and cute during meal-time?

Well, Mothercare has the perfect answer to your question. At Mothercare, you’ll find a splendid collection of baby bibs that keep the food off your tot’s clothes. Mothercare offers sets of baby bibs that come in a pack with several baby napkins. These napkins will soak up any spillage during feeding-time. Mothercare also offers baby girls’ bibs as well as baby boys’ bibs, so you’ll definitely find something for everyone.

Not only are these made from the comfiest fabric, but they’re also super easy to clean. Just throw them in the machine, and with a simple wash, they’ll be as good as new. They also come with easy to handle fastenings, wherein you can secure them around your cutie with just a touch. Plus, your sweet child will be more than happy to wear them because of the cheery colours and fun prints. Be it a farm theme, woodland friends, bunnies, or even cars and planes!

Mothercare also has dribbler napkins, which catch any and all dribble that spills out of your li’l kid’s mouth, while eating or when using sippers & weaning sets. These dribblers are also super easy to fasten around your child’s neck. With these dribblers that come in fun and exciting colours like bright pinks, soothing whites with cutesy prints all over, or even with stripes, your tiny tot will be more than excited to eat.

Mothercare also has clothing that can offer more protection, in case your sweet angel is just that extra bit playful. These overall napkins go around your baby’s neck but also cover the entire torso and arms. The cuffs of the sleeves are elasticated, and even the fastenings are simple, so putting these on is easy-peasy. Whether your tiny baby wears these during eating, while using soothers & teethers, or even playtime, you can be sure that your child stays clean as ever.

Buy Burp Cloths at Mothercare

Your tiny bundle of joy needs to be protected and kept clean even while you breastfeed. You need something that’ll even keep dribbles of milk off your clothes and is useful when it’s time to burp your little one. For such purposes, Mothercare has burp napkins to making feeding and cuddling a zero-fuss event. These cloths can even be used for sterilization of bottles & accessories.

These burp napkins are made out of a unique fabric that’s easy on the skin but is also simple to clean. You can wash these in the machine, and they’ll be spick and span. They also come in packs, so you’ll have a few options, and it’s easy on the pocket, as well. They come in soothing colours like soft creams, or even pale pinks and mint greens, with pretty prints. Now you can keep feeding clean and stylish.

The muslin cloths at Mothercare are super versatile products. Not only can these be used to keep things neat during breastfeeding, but you can also fashion a bit out of them. They’re made of breathable muslin and have great printed designs and sweet embroidery on them. Whether you use it while feeding, or even as a wash cloth during changing time, these cloths will feel like a gentle breeze against your tot’s skin.

When you choose baby bibs online, at Mothercare, you choose products designed to keep you and your li’l baby happy.