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Baby Massage Oil

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Baby massage oils

Every parent wants their child to be strong and healthy. A good way to ensure this is by frequently giving your baby massages. Massages benefit your baby in many ways. They strengthen your child’s limbs, regulate breathing and can even soothe an anxious baby. Avoid giving your child dry massages as the friction might cause her discomfort. Using good-quality baby massage oils will help you massage her better and keep your baby’s skin supple and smooth. Mothercare’s baby oils are safe and beneficial for your baby. Here’s why.

Quality baby massage oils

To help your baby enjoy the massage, you must pick the right baby oil. Though a baby cream and baby lotion are great for moisturising your baby’s skin, they should not be used for massages. Opt for oils that spread easily and do not cause allergic reactions. Mothercare’s baby massage oils are hypoallergenic and safe even for babies with sensitive skin. As a precautionary measure, we get dermatologists to test our oils. For extra care, we go a step further and have midwives test our baby massage oils since they work closely with babies. Our oils also contain natural extracts, like olive oil and chamomile to moisturise and soothe your baby. For these reasons our oils are some of the best baby massage oils, you’ll find.

Benefits of using baby massage oils

When done right, a full-body massage can provide your baby with several benefits. The gentle massaging movements will aid digestion and help relieve colic. Studies suggest that the skin-to-skin contact and rhythmic movements of massages help reduce anxiety in your baby and can also help her sleep better. Additionally, massages strengthen your baby’s limbs, making them strong and flexible. Baby massage oils moisturise your baby’s skin and keep it smooth and rash-free. Always keep baby wipes and tissues handy to clean untoward oil spills and keep your baby safe. Massages are a great way for you to bond with your baby, but make sure to use baby massage oils as they are safe for your baby. They are usually food-grade oils and won’t harm your baby if she consumes a bit of oil accidentally. Also, baby massage oils do not have a strong scent so that your baby feels soothed and calm.

Tips for a relaxing massage

Massage your baby in a room that’s quiet and not too hot or cold. If you choose to warm baby massage oils before using, ensure that it’s lukewarm and not hot. Place your baby on a towel or a changing mat and start gentle massaging parts of her body. Put a bit of oil for baby’s skin on your palm and rub it on your baby’s body. Keep your movements light, but firm and move head to feet. Talk to your baby in a soothing voice, so sing a song or nursery rhyme. This will help your baby relax and enjoy the massage. After the massage, you could give your baby a warm bath. Sprinkle baby powder on her to keep her feeling fresh and happy after her bath. If your baby wants to play around a little bit before having a bath, allow her to do so. But before letting your child touch her toys, clean her hands with a baby hand cleansing gel so that dust particles don’t stick to her hand.

Reliable baby care

Every parent has their child’s best interest at heart. We at Mothercare understand this and have your best interest at heart. All our products are of high-quality and are designed to meet your child’s need at every stage. Explore our website to shop for a range of baby essentials, from outfits to grooming supplies to travel gear and more!