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Baby Bather And Chair

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Summer Infant My Bath Seat Green

Summer Infant

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Baby bathers

Giving a new born baby a bath can be tricky, especially if you don’t have help. You have to balance your baby safely in your arms or lap, plus sponge her. It’s a lot to do with just two hands. Here’s where baby bathers come in handy. They are seats on which your child can relax while you sponge or wash her. Mothercare offers a range of baby bathers that are designed to make your and your baby’s bathing experience enjoyable and stress-free. Plus, we have a variety of options for you to pick from!

Functional bathers for kids

Bathers are designed to keep babies securely in place while you sponge or gently pour water over them. These baby bather chairs are ideal for new born babies and toddlers. Mothercare’s range of bath seats and bathers offer multiple reclining positions for your baby’s comfort. These baby bathers feature bath slings made of fabric that dries quickly and is also gentle on your child’s skin. Plus, the bath slings are padded to provide extra support for your child’s head. Our baby bathers have non-slip bases and can be safely placed in an adult bathtub, sink or even on the bathroom floor. To make bathing your child a comfortable and seamless experience, invest in useful bath accessories like a support stool for you to sit down on, or a bath box to keep your baby’s shampoos and soaps in.

A range of baby bathers

Every child is unique, as are her needs. That’s why Mothercare offers a range of baby bathers for you to pick from, depending on what appeals to your child. We have stand-alone bathers and seats and ones that come with a baby bath tub. The bath tub can be used when your child becomes a toddler. Some of these bathers also come with a detachable shower unit. These shower units can be connected to an adult tub as your child grows older. All our baby bather chairs feature vibrant colours and cute patterns to keep your little one entertained. For a more comprehensive bathing experience, opt for our bath sets which include toddler tubs with a drain and plug, a sponge, thermometer and bath robe. Our baby bather prices are reasonable so that every child can feel comfortable while having a bath.

Make bath time fun

If you make bath time enjoyable for your baby, she’ll love baths all her life. Age-appropriate bath products help your baby feel comfortable and happy while having a bath. So invest in good quality baby bathers, bath seats and toddler tubs. To clean your baby’s body properly, opt for a soft sponge and skin and hair care products that are gentle on her skin. Also, to keep your baby warm after a bath, stock up on high-quality towels and wrappers. You can opt for swaddle towels, flannel ones, bath ponchos and lots more!

A hub for baby shopping

The more comfortable your baby is, the happier she will be. And a happy child makes a parent happy. We at Mothercare understand this and so, offer a host of high-quality products designed to keep your baby comfy and snug. From outfits to baby gear to body essentials and more, we have everything you need to care for your baby.