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Baby Bath Tub

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Mothercare You Me &Amp; The Sea Bath Set Multicolor


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Mothercare You Me &Amp; The Sea Baby Bath Blue


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Mothercare Lovable Bear Bath Set Multicolor


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Mothercare Lovable Bear Bath Multicolor


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Mothercare Flutterby Bath Set Pink


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Summer Infant Lil Luxuries Refresh Bath Tub Pink

Summer Infant

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Baby bath tubs

As your child grows older, she will crave more independence. She will want to eat by herself, walk on her own and even bathe by herself. While indulging her desire for independence, the parent in you will also want to ensure that she’s safe all the time. Here’s where kids bathing tubs come in handy. They are perfect for your growing child who wants to spend more time splashing around in the water. Mothercare’s baby bath tubs are specially designed for keeping your baby’s playful nature in mind. Along with being sturdy, our bath tubs for babies are also extremely safe.

Ergonomic baby bath tubs

We understand how much children love playing in the water, especially when their favourite toys, like ducks and fish, are in the tub with them. That’s why we take extra care to see that our kids bathing tubs feature a child-safe design. Our tubs have rounded edges and a non-slip base for extra safety. They also have back support so that your child can sit inside the tub for long intervals without any discomfort. Our baby bath tubs are perfectly-sized and contoured, allowing your baby to sit comfortably and play with her toys. Some toddler tubs also feature insulated double walls to maintain the water’s temperature. All our tubs come with a drainage hole and plug for easy cleaning.

Versatile bath tubs for babies

Babies crave new experiences, and our tubs are designed to keep your baby’s time inside them interesting. Some of our toddler tubs are designed to offer a spa-like experience and come with shower units that create circulating water jets to soothe your baby. As your child grows older, these shower units can be detached and used in an adult tub. Some tubs come with compartments to help you store bathing essentials. Our new born baby bath tubs come with bath slings or a plush bolster for you to place your baby on. Or you could opt for a baby bather and chair from our range of bathing essentials. These can be placed in a toddler or adult bath tub, kitchen sink or even on the bathroom floor. Mothercare also offers bath sets that feature a bath tub for your child, baby towels and a bath box.

The ideal bathroom set-up for your baby

Make the bathroom a safe place for your baby by stocking it with bathing supplies your child will need. If your child has a bathroom to herself, set up all her bathing essentials inside. Or you could convert a part of your bathroom into a baby corner. See that your child’s corner has a toddler tub, baby sling and support stool for you to sit on. Keep baby quick dry sheet and changing mats at the side to wipe and dress your baby on. If your baby will be dressing in another room, cover her body with a plush bath robe so that she doesn’t catch a chill. Keep your baby’s bath toys and bathing products neatly arranged on a shelf or in a bath box.

Comprehensive baby care

Children are vulnerable and look to you for protection and to have their needs met. That’s an immense responsibility to deliver on. We at Mothercare understand how overwhelming parenting can be at times, so we offer a range of products to help make your life easier and your baby’s life better. Our carefully stocked website offers everything from baby care essentials to products for expecting and new mothers. Pick what you need for yourself or a fellow parent in need.